Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding And Beads! How Are They Related?

I's a funny title. But they do go together, at least they did for me this past weekend! We were invited to a wedding up in Petosky Michigan on Saturday. We decided to go up on Friday and just mozy on up. We stopped in Manistee (no not at the casino! We don't gamble) at the Townline Bargain Barn first! I love stopping much much great stuff too!!! I bought some inexpensive beads for my grandson to make mommy something beautiful when he comes over. He loves that!!

Next we made our way to Traverse City. I love it there! We walked around downtown and then headed out of town but made a stop at Nawbin beads (I put all the beads together in the photo above)! I love that store! 45 minutes later, and a lot less short on cash, we left and headed for lunch.

Next on the agenda was a quick stop in Charlevoix! Little did I know, but there is a bead shop there too! Missed that one! Drat!

Then off to Petosky. It's about a 4 hour trip from our house but it took us about 8. LOL We settled in our hotel room and started a search for something to eat. Checking the phone book, I found yet another bead store!!! (They weren't open, so I had to wait till Saturday to go). But we went to a local downtown pub "Uncle Lou's" and had pizza and wine for me, hubby had beer. We then needed to walk it off, so off to JCPenneys we went! Yay....I found a new dress to wear to the wedding! Jackpot!! (No...we don't gamble!).

The next morning (Sat.), we headed for downtown and again, I spent a bit more than planned in the bead store, but look at all the goodies I found! I can't wait to begin creating! Then my son and daughter - in - law met us and we got ready and went to the wedding. The photos below are my grandchildren dancing (they did a lot of that). He was so cute, he walked up to my granddaughter and asked her to dance. I don't think they missed one dance after that!!

Now keep in mind, he's only 5 and she's almost 2. What energy they have! I sure wish I had a little bit of it! LOL

Isn't he handsome? I thought this photo was adorable!!

Here's my little sweetie showing off the pearl necklace Grandma (me) made for her! Mommy said she couldn't find the bracelet. Haley must have run off with it somewhere. She felt so bad!

And here we all are as a family! Not the best photo, but we're all together in it! Little did I know, but Haley spilled water all over the stone and I sat in it!! I was just a bit wet when I stood up! LOL

Heading home the next day we stopped at Old Navy outlet, where I bought a lightweight jacket, and then over to the Bass outlet where I bought 2 more pairs of shoes! We were about out of money by then, so home we came!

My son and daughter -in- law (from Iowa) left this morning and left a void here. I love having them, and miss them when they go home.

All good things must come to an end though. And all and all, it was a wonderful weekend! It was sad when it was over. But we're so happy for the bride and groom (my daughter in law's brother)!!! Hope they have a happy and wonderful life together forever!

I sure hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!


  1. Looks like a good time...and a boogie down time for the little ones...was had by all!! LOL The photo of all of you is so nice! :-) And WOW! More beads?!! You better start thinking about doing a craft show pretty soon! You have to make some big sales to show off all of those gorgeous beads and things! {I love the butterflies above} Nice post. "Bead". That nickname is fitting more and more every day!! ^_^

  2. are so right! About the name fitting more and more! I HAVE to stop buying now. Just don't sell enough right now. Sure hope it picks up soon!
    I love the butterflies too. That's why I bought 3 different colors. Couldn't decide.
    Resting today. Can't seem to get enough sleep lately. Hope it helps.
    Thanks for the comment.


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