Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Wordless Wednesday!

I'm at a loss for words today (normal for me) so I thought I'd just show you a couple of new things I've made and haven't listed yet. Hope you don't mind.

Align CenterBackpack Dangle

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

What?? It's Friday??

Here we are again. Another week has passed. It's still cold here and it snows from time to time. I'm so ready for spring! I'm sure you are too. But it looks like we'll be waiting a bit yet. In the meantime, I wanted to show off a photo I took while in Mexico. This was a huge building and I loved the doorway way up at the top. Interesting!

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend too!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Want To See?????

I've put it off for a long time now, and finally got busy yesterday and straightened my work area up. If I were a smart girl (no comments please! LOL), I would have taken before photos, because there is NO way you can appreciate the work I did!! It started out with my husband asking me if I needed the 2 top shelves in the cabinets next to my work area.

(The shelves on the far left are the ones I'm talking about!)

I told him he could use them if he wanted and he said "OK, but I thought maybe you were going to use them." Well, I got to looking around and told him "yes, I would like to use them to organize my area." So, I won them!!! That triggered a cleaning spree! That counter was filled with my props for my photos! Doesn't it look great now?

And from there, I started to clean and put away my tools, beads, etc. My table now has space to actually do my work!

Wow!! It scares me every time I walk down there! But now everything is easily accessible!

Now you may wonder, where does she keep her beads? Well, even that area got a makeover!!

It's so organized it's scary!! But I really like it cleaned up, I just wonder how long it will last! I have some items in the works, so I'm sure by the end of the week, it'll be back the way it was! LOL Next time I'll let you in on that too.......NOT!!

Have a great Monday!! Don't work too hard!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nothing To Say Friday!

As usual, I have nothing to say! So I dubbed it "nothing to say Friday!" Why is it so easy for some people to blog everyday and have something to say everyday, and for me to sit here looking at the screen saying "duh!?" I have no trouble talking usually, in fact there are many people, I'm sure that would love to tell be to be quiet! But trying to put thoughts in writing does not come easy!

I guess I'm a bit like the cow in the above painting by mwickland . I'm just so happy just staring at the screen and reading what everyone else has to say! Isn't he cute, by the way?

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

♫♫ Monday Monday.....So Good To Me!! ♫♫

I know....what is she saying!! What's good about Mondays!!!! Well, it's just positive thinking that's all. If I'm not positive, I'll get depressed! But I have no reason to be. I've had a great weekend since my oldest son and daughter in law are here visiting and I've been able to spend a LOT of time with both my sons and their families!! I treasure those times!

But I also have had a few minutes here and there to create, so I thought I'd once again give you all a sneak preview!

First, I made these earrings. The flowers are sterling silver and they're so pretty! Simple, but pretty. I actually really like these and I hope someone else does too!

The focal "bead" in this one is a Mexican beach stone. It's actually a fossilized coral piece. I love the texture! I tried to keep it a bit beachy by adding beach related beads to the chain. I sure hope someone sees the beauty in this one!

There really is 1 more necklace that I made, but I haven't had time to photograph it yet. It's a handmade lampwork bead in lavender and cream that I made into a pendant and added to a sterling silver chain. Very simple, but oh so pretty! I'll show that one off a bit later.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week too!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday --- Yep, It's Here!

Yep it's Friday! And every other Friday I have the privilege of babysitting my grandchildren! My granddaughter (in the above photo) and my grandson when he gets out of school! Today is the day! It's going to be a great day!

Have a great day and weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It IS All About Me!!

Sometimes I refrain from blogging because I feel that no one wants to read about ME all the time. I guess that's why this is MY blog, so that I can write about ME if I choose to. Well today is not much different! LOL I have recently made some new items for my shop and I just HAVE to show them off!! But first, let me show you something I found while looking through Etsy this morning!

This comes from a very cute shop called "Clear Jade Studio!" She has some wonderful artwork there and I highly suggest perusing through her shop! You won't be sorry!

I'm ready for the crocus' and other spring flowers to "wake up" for the spring, aren't you? Instead of seeing this happen, we've got rain, rain and more rain today!! I guess the bulbs do need it, don't they, if they're going to I should stop complaining and just put up with it! Can't change it anyway.

Okay, enough of that. Now I want to show off my latest creations that have not been listed yet. (If there's something you would like, let me know before I list them and I'll reserve them for you).

I actually made this some time ago. I have been uncertain of the appeal and so I've neglected listing it. Do you think it has any appeal?

These earrings were made a few weeks ago. Another item I was unsure of. But maybe someone will love them....right?

For this necklace, I re-vamped an older seed bead chain and added this awesome agate slab. Now this one I think may have appeal!

These earrings I feel take on a vintage sort of look! They're Moukaite hearts with antique brass bead caps and findings. I think they're rather cute, don't you?

There's a great shop on Etsy called rufusandroxy (check out this shop for sure!) . They sell great beads! I feel in love with these beads and just HAD to have them! These earrings, I think, are AWESOME!!

And lastly (aren't you glad?), I am showing off my "trash to treasures" recycled bracelet. I bought an old necklace at a yard sale and transformed part of it into this bracelet. Hmmmm, not sure of the appeal. What to you think?

Well that's it for now. But I'm sure I'll be writing about ME again soon! Ha ha ha!!
Have a great Wednesday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Feel Like A Pig!!

These are gift tags by damore4 on Etsy. Aren't they cute?

You heard it! Yep...I DO feel like a pig! A Miss Piggy for sure! Why you may ask? Well let me tell you the story......get your coffee and get in your favorite chair, cuz here we go:

Once upon a time a girl (me) was having trouble trying to come up with "new" ideas for family suppers. She thought and thought and thought some more, but wasn't having much success. Suddenly her husband (my hubby) piped up: "How about pigs in a blanket! We haven't had those in a long time and I love them!" So the girl (me) made a deal with him. She said, "If you stop at the meat market in Allendale, I'll make the pigs!" Well she knew full well he wouldn't remember to do it! LOL One afternoon she found herself in Allendale! "Should I stop and get some and surprise him?" she asked. She caved and went and bought the meat! Last night was the night. Here are the photos of a work in progress!

First she (me) started with good quality bulk breakfast sausage, cuz she knew the grocery store kind just would not be as good (the local butcher is much better and less fat), and then she made them into links as you can see above.

Then she cheated because it was known throughout the land that she (me) couldn't make very good pie crust from scratch. Never got the hang of it! She cut them into squares to make rolling them around the links work well. She (me) then rolled them up and.....viola......

.....this is how they looked! Yes, she did know she had a bit too much dough! She (me) had to just bake it and it it plain....that's when the Miss Piggy took over. Anyway, she (me) then popped them into a 375 degree oven and baked them till done, about a half hour or so.

See how pretty they came out?? She (me) was so happy! And not a bit of grease, cuz the sausage was so lean!! Her husband (my hubby) was so happy!!!! What did she serve them with?

You got it.....a cranberry spinach salad! Not only beautiful, but delicious too!

Well, the girl (me) ate and ate and ate some more!! She couldn't believe how many "pigs" she ate! And in the night, her body told her she was a "pig" too! She had a tummy ache and almost lost her cookies! Fortunately it never happened and she lived happily ever after!

They were delicious!!! Hubby had wished I had made a double batch, so I made a deal with stop in Allendale and get more sausage (this time 2 pounds) and I'll make more!

Hope you enjoyed my story!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Much To Say -- So I'll Be a Show Off!!

These are photos of my Kittys!! Aren't they adorable?! Not much else to say, so I guess this IS a wordless Wednesday! LOL