Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's New???!!

So if you've been wondering what I've been up to (probably not, but bear with me, LOL), I've been on a new kick. Yes, I have been making jewelry as you will see in this post, but I've also "branched out" a bit. As most of you are not aware, I used to sew. I took a tailoring course in high school and loved to sew! I made everything I wore. I even made mens suits! But as time went on, it was more of a bother than it was worth, so I limited my sewing to curtains and things like that. I still make them from time to time.

So getting back to what I've been get an idea in the photo above, but here are some more photos! I'm making small tote bags! They're so cute! My granddaughter loves hers!! (She chose the red one, that's why there aren't many photos of it.

This is the green one that will go in my shop. I have a gold one that I haven't finished yet, but I'll be getting it done soon. These are a test to see if there would be any interest out there.

Keep in mind that she's not even 2 yet. So you can get an idea of just how small these are.

PLEASE give me your input on these! How much should I sell them for, etc. I appreciate it!!

Here are a few other new things to put in my shop soon!

Enjoy your Saturday! Please let me know what you think! Thanks!


  1. This is interesting, you must have been busy..
    those checkered bags are cool and find it cute when that young girl on the picture was wearing one the bags..
    I hope you make a lot of sales, I wouldn't doubt you will...


  2. Good Morning Cindy :))), Those small tote bags are really cute. When you put it in your shop, I would add the dimensions of the bag, people will have a better idea of the size then. I am not sure how much. It really depends on how much you paid for the material and how much time you spent on it. Are you thinking about making bigger ones. I need a new tote bag for my beach gear. Love the new jewelry. Your creativity is really expanding. Great stuff!!!!! Your granddaughter is so very cute. I wish she had on the pearls you made her, so I could see them. Have a great day!!!! Hugs. Peg

  3. Your model is sooooo adorable! She has such pretty eyes :)
    I love the look of the totes. I especially like the red one. I wish I could sew half as well as you.

  4. I just love the bags! I'm sure they will be big sellers. Your granddaughter is darling. The bags would be great for someone who takes their lunch to work. Love the jewelry too.

  5. WOW!!!!! I didn't know you were an expert sewer too!! How fabulous! And good to know, because I need a lining for my Yoyo bag...seriously!! :-) Would you be interested in a custom order. I HATE making linings, and a tote type material of this king put inside my bag would be perfect!...By the way, I love these!!! And I agree with Peg. Make some a bit larger and I think you'll sell the place out. They're that attractive!! I love the red and the green. I could see this in black and beige too! YOU GO GIRL!!! Pom Poms in the air for you!!! :-) {Love the flower bracelet too...of course! LOL}

  6. Thank you norilynsabdulla! I appreciate the input! I hope you're right about selling a lot of them. I'll be listing it today sometime to see what happens!!

  7. Thank you Jo-Anne!! She's my granddaughter! She's not quite 2 but she knows what she likes! She chose the red one. That's why I only have one photo of it!
    Thanks for the complement on my sewing. I haven't sewed in a long time and I had fun actually!

  8. Thank you so much Susan! Wow! I sure have been getting some great comments and complements here! Just what I needed to hear!

  9. Hey Peg!!
    Thanks for the suggestion. I've already been tossing around making some larger ones. I appreciate all your suggestions and your nice comments! Have a great weekend and say "Hi" to Randy for me!

  10. Go Cindy Go!!!!!! That's the cheerleader Wug talking to me! LOL Thanks for your nice comments and complements too!! I'm luvin' these bags myself. I can't wait to see what happens when I actually list one. In fact, I think I'll list the green one today!! I'll make more depending on the interest!
    Thanks for the complement on my bracelet too! I love that one!
    Have a great weekend!


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