Monday, May 2, 2011

I Need Your Opinion

This garnet red and antique copper necklace has a vintage look . I love the old fashioned style. I added a bead cap to the main bead for interest and antique copper spacers between the other beads. I then wire wrapped them and added them to a connector. I finished it by hanging it on a pretty chain and added an antique copper clasp to finish.

This necklace is 18 1/2 inches (47.0cm) in length. I would be happy to make it shorter if preferred. The pendant is 1 1/2 inches (3.8cm)

I just listed this necklace in my Etsy shop for $28. Do you like it? What about the it too high or low?

Which photo would you use as a front runner?

Would it be best to sell as a set or separately?

I really appreciate any input you can give me. I know I need to improve my photos, but let's not touch that one in this post! LOL Thanks everyone!


  1. Bead, I LOVE this necklace!!! That red is so pretty! And I love that you put a bead cap on the main bead. It really makes the whole necklace look so elegant! :-) The price is fine. In fact, probably a little low, but nobody wants to pay for anything these days!! Grrrr! I would sell them separately though. Just put a link in both descriptions that will take you to the other one. Put the link close to the top of the description...Nice work my friend!!...As to the resting and tired thing. That's been my problem for about 2 months now. TIRED!! Also some other issues. I'll DM you on Twitter. I hope that I'll get my energy back this month after all the activity of last month! I guess we'll both have to 'hang in there'...and pray! :-]

  2. By the way, I LOVE the photographs!!! I'd use the 2nd photo is your post as the first picture in your listing. It's very clear and very inviting. Makes you want to click somewhere!! LOL {Left a message on Twitter too}

  3. Thanks Wug, my friend!! I appreciate the help here. Actually I do think I used the second photo as the front runner. Great minds think alike! I appreciate you wonderful comments. I should probably get busy and list the earrings too.
    As for the price, you know I was thinking it may be a bit low, but I haven't been selling much lately and it seems that low prices are more appealing.
    On to Twitter to check out your message.

  4. Both are stunning! I love the deep red and the copper. I would list seperately. The price seems low to me, but that is your call. I am partial to the photo with a background instead of just white. (my 2-cents) Really beautiful.

  5. Thank you Courtney! I appreciate your input. Looks like I've had more people say list separately and my price is low than not. Guess it's time to re-figure!


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