Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Did You Know.......

Since I changed my web site name from Beadnik Boutique to CinLynn Design, I have had NO sales!! I also need you to know, I have more jewelry in that store than in my Etsy store! Here is a small sample of the many things you can find there exclusively!
Keep in mind....I ALWAYS have free shipping too!
This is a In The Pink necklace, with an ivory pendant and pink glass beads!

This is a Lemon Lime Agate necklace!! I looks different on both sides! But it's still gorgeous!

This is called my Golden Picture Set! I love the colors in this one!
Check out the other pics on my website too!

This is called my Kambaba bracelet!! These stones are awesome!! Check it out!!

This is just a sample of what my shop has to offer! Please feel free to stop by for a visit! Hope to see you real soon!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buy 2 Get 1 free sale!!!

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!!!!!!

I really need to let everyone know that my great sale continues!! Only 2 people have taken advantage so far (thank you to them too!). I still have so many nice things! I also have added a few new things too! Please do NOT let this sale slip through your fingers!!! Both my stores are included!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free Gift With Any Purchase

I just wanted to remind everyone that I am giving away a free gift to the first 2 purchases in my web store: !!

This is to celebrate my new name change!! This is for ANY purchase, and will be included at no cost to you! And, as always, there is free shipping!!

To let you know what these are, I'm including pictures of them below! Hope you like them!

These are beautiful jewelry pouches!! Great for travel! Carry all your beautiful jewelry to wherever you're going without worrying about them getting broken or lost!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trip to Chicago And New Creations

On Friday, I had to drive my daughter-in-law to Chicago to meet up with her sister. While there, we went to a wonderful Thai restaurant, and on to a few second hand shops! Then it was time to part, but before I came home I was determined to go to Beadniks bead store! So here are just 2 of my newest creations, purse pulls made with Beadniks Beads!! Hope you like them. I will be posting them soon on my website or in my Etsy store. Stay tuned for that!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is to let everyone know that as of November 10, 2009, my website has changed from Beadnik Boutique to CinLynn Designs!! My new web address is

Please be sure to visit my store often!!

Thanks so much!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Good News Monday

I'm so excited!! My new business finally came today. What do you think?? I had to have new ones made because I had to change the name of my etsy store and my website. My new etsy store is:
My new website (as of 11/10/09) is:
My new email will be, as of 11/10/09:

Today I sold this beautiful purse pull!! I sold the 2 below last night!! It's been a great day! I hope everyone has a great week too!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Landed a Great New Treasury!!

I just have to share!! I landed another treasury tonight! I call it "Sensational Olives!" Please feel free to look at it, click on the items and leave a comment!! I appreciate what everyone has to say!!
Thanks so much!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Friday Morning!

Good morning everyone!! Happy Friday!!
Yesterday we finally saw the sun in almost 3 weeks. I was feeling pretty good so I became a bit creative. Here are some pictures of my newest creations ... I guess you can call this a sneak preview since they have not been added to my Etsy store yet!

What I need from you, is suggestions on what to call them. I'm terrible with names. Please give me your opinion!

These pretty earrings are Swarovski Comic Beads and bicones, set with Sterling silver spacers, head pins and ear wires. They are Crystal copper in color.

These little beauties are Swarovski Baroque Beads in a Black Diamond color and black bicones. They are wire wrapped with Argentium Sterling silver wire and hung on Sterling silver ear wires.

And last but not least, my latest purse/zipper pull. I'm not sure of the appeal of this one. The beads are a muli color and the dangles at the bottom are stars. What do I call it?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Week Of Purse Pulls

This has been a very stressful week for me! Many changes being made. I had to change my Etsy name, my twitter name, and I'm working on my website name right now. When I get stressed out, I create! Purse Pulls!!

This one I call my "Crazy Color" purse pull! And it has already been listed on my Etsy shop. I love it! It's so colorful!

This one I call my "Brown Eyed Wonder!" I love the beads! Who doesn't own a brown or black purse?

I had trouble coming up with a name for this one. I simply call it "Green Swirls and Leaves!" Not too original, but it does describe it, don't you think?

I call this one "Color My World." The purples in it are amazing!! Unfortunately, the pictures just don't do it justice! It has been posted on Etsy!

This is one of my brand new tonight purse pulls! I made it this afternoon. I could sure use some help in giving it a name!! Any suggestions? It hasn't been listed yet!

I've made and sold 2 of these...very similar, yet different purse pulls. I love the green! Could I call this one, "Creme de Menthe?" I made it this afternoon too, and it is not named or listed.

This great heart beauty has a secret!! The middle bead glows in the dark and shows up green!! I found that out by accident tonight!! That makes this one so special!! What do I call it?? "I've Got A Secret?"
As you can see, I've been busy! It keeps my mind off the stress I'm under. I hope you enjoyed the preview too! Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I love art!! I'm finally able to show some of my favorites in this wonderful treasury that I was able to snag tonight!! Please do me a favor and take a look and leave a comment if you love it!!
Thanks so much!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brainstorm update!

Looks like we're going to call them brooches! And I'll advertise them for use in many different ways. Hats, headbands, scarves, knee socks, lapel decor, etc. Thanks for all your suggestions!

My Latest Brainstorm! Hat/Headband Charms


While sitting in the Doctor's office this morning I came up with, what I think is, a brainstorm! I was trying to decide what else I could make in the jewelry line that would be appealing to people. So I decided that maybe some hat/headband charms might be the thing!! What do you think? The one above and below is made with an Antique Ethiopian coin-silver telsun. And has dangles of olivine and dark yellow crystals and serpentine spacers. It is 1 1/2 inches in length, and 3/4 inch wide. So much smaller than it appears. I apologize for not showing it on a hat, but I don't have one.

The wooden one below is a wooden feather with Moakaite cushion beads hanging from it. This one measures 2 3/4 inches wide and 1 inch long. Again, smaller than it appears.

These are very lightweight, and so would be good on any hat, I think!
Before I would post them on etsy or my website, I would borrow a hat and take pics of them on a hat to get an idea of how they would look.
So, what do you think. Would there be a market for these? If so, what kind of price do you think I should put on them? What do I call them?
Any input on these questions would be very much appreciated!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Great Storm.....Monday......Posted Tuesday!

Last Saturday I talked about our walk in the dark. The waters of Lake Michigan were calm and the air was warm. Monday, everything changed! The weather forecast was for a strong cold front to come in and high winds, up to 50 MPH! That being the case, they said the waves could reach 18 ft! Astounding! So, I packed myself in the car and drove to the other side of the channel, approximately 15 min. from the beach, parked my car and went to the fisherman's pier to take pics!

As you can see, the waves were not that big, but it was still an awesome sight! I love to see the rollers in the channel!

I noticed a lot of people standing on the dunes across the channel looking out at the lighthouse. That's when I realized that there was a person walking out on the pier with a surf board in hand. I was unable to photograph him, but I watched until he disappeared! He jumped in! Some friends did see him surfing, so I knew he was alright!
Notice in the picture above the yellow signs...........Check my walk in the dark post and notice the yellow sign in one of the pics! It's the same sign. There is never water that far up!

In these pics, you can see that the rollers are getting more intense. Awesome!!

The blue railings is along the fisherman's pier! It's a good thing I didn't go all the way out on it!

This shot is of the channel looking in the opposite direction. So cool!
Well, I was a bit disappointed, but as the day went on and the wind increased, the waves did get bigger! My husband and I went for a drive to gawk at them, and believe me, they WERE 18 ft! They were crashing into the lighthouse and engulfing it! Oh, if only we could have gotten pictures of that! But since we didn't, I guess you'll just have to take my word for it!
Thanks for reading!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Walk In The Dark

Last night we were in need of exercise. So as is our custom, we decided to take a walk out to the end of the pier and back. A walk that takes us about an hour to walk. It was dusk, so the pier was lit up and was gorgeous! These are just some pictures of what we saw!

The boardwalk has just recently been replaced and so it's a wonderful walk. We enjoy walking it 2 or 3 times a week in the summer months. Oh how I hate to see it come to an end!

There were still some people playing on the beach. It's a little dark because it was really getting dark by this time.

There are huge rocks all along parts of the walk and are dangerous. So this sign in English says to walk on them at your own risk. I took this picture for my son's sake who lives in Mexico.

At the end of our walk, we rewarded ourselves at Captain Custards! Have you ever had deep fried pickles? They are so delicious with Ranch dressing! You've GOT to try them!

And so that ends another great walk in our beautiful town! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Found a great shop!

While looking through Etsy this last week or so, I came across a beautiful artist that has such wonderful artwork that I can't help but show you some of it! You will see them also in my favorites. The name of her shop is Kristen Stein Fine Art. Here is the link to her shop:
And here's just a sample of her work (I apologize for them being blurry! Don't know what happened!):

She does these beautiful paintings on ceramic tile! Awesome! The last one is an original and is much larger. But please check out her shop! You will NOT be disappointed!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ode To Blogging

I have a blog, so I must write...
It keeps me up so late at night!
I think and think and think some more,
And I still come up with stuff to bore!
I thought I had a creative mind...
But what to blog, I cannot find.
My creations, I'm sure, are everyday things,
So anything new, my blog can't bring!
I wish I could think of something new...
But since I can't, this is what I'm going to do...
I'll write my nonsense for you to read...
And then I'll stop and maybe I'll bead.
I'll post my creations for all to view...
Humor me, please, and I'll humor you too!

My newest purse pull!!

Gray/green quartz earrings~~~hypo-allergenic ear wires!

Jet black chandelier earrings

Yellow turquoise and sterling earrings

Yellow turquoise and sterling necklace!

New purse pull!

Another great new purse pull!