Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday!! Showoff Day!

I've dubbed this "Showoff Day!" A day to show off my latest creations and whatever else I feel like showing off!! LOL

Today I'm showing off some of my latest creations because I took photos last night and I just can't wait! I haven't listed any of them yet, but they will be listed little by little over the next several days. What I need from you is your opinions.

Are they interesting enough?
Are they ugly?
Are my prices too high or not high enough?
Will they appeal to anyone?

You get the drift...things like that. So here goes with the showing off:

First is another checkered bag that I will put in my shop for $24.99. I love gold!

This is probably one of my favorites!! It is so colorful and summery! This one will be $19.99. Is that too much? Or too little?

I love this one as well!! This one will also be $19.99. What do you think?

This is a great summery set! The necklace is a longer style and can easily go over the head (unless of course, you have a large head...hence the clasp).
I'm not going to sell them as a set, but for the sake of space, I thought I would show them to you together. As for the price...I haven't decided for sure. I'm thinking for the necklace, maybe $19.00 and for the bracelet maybe $9.00. What do you think? Too much? Maybe.

For this bracelet, I don't have a clue what to charge! That one will be a surprise unless any of you gift me a suggestion.

These earrings are only in my web shop (click on "web shop" to enter my shop and go to earrings). I was re-taking photos of them to show off how pretty and delicate they really are. I have on them $16.00 with free shipping!

These are sterling silver with Swarovski briolettes. I love the sterling silver flowers in these! I will be asking $18.00 for these.

And last, but certainly not least are these pretty mat crackle glass earrings finished in gunmetal. I LOVE these!!! I will be asking $15.00 for these.

So there you have it! What do you think? Too much...too little...any interest....appealing...etc. I appreciate ALL comments and help on this one!!

Thanks...Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. You know I'm no good with the pricing thing, but with the oogling and ahhhing thing I'm great!! ^_^ Everything looks so good! I love all the colors and the styles. I think you have it all figured out. Too bad you can't have your own shop somewhere offline. I'm sure people would be flocking in there to check everything out in person!

  2. Thanks Wug! I'm not too sure about people flocking to see anything I make but I still have fun doing it. Appreciate your comment!

  3. I love the stripey bag. The colours are nice & bright.

  4. Thanks Jo-anne! I think that one may be my favorite too! And it's waterproof!


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