Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Need Your Opinion ..... Continued

Here I am, another day... another listing in my Etsy shop. I listed the earrings to match the necklace. They're lever back garnet red with antique copper earrings and are made with garnet red faceted teardrop Czech beads that I added antique copper bead caps to, and then I hung them on a pretty antique copper flower connector and then hung them on lever backs.
These earrings hang 2 inches (5.1cm) from the top of the wire.
I listed them for $18. Again, I would love to know what you think. Is that too much or too little?

What about my photos? Do I need to re-take them? Please tell me the truth! I'm not a professional photographer so any suggestions you could give me, I would gladly accept and use!!

Which one should be the front runner? I chose this one only because of the simplicity of it:

But I also love the top photo. It's always nice to see earrings hanging. It's also nice to see them in size proportion:

I try to include one like this in all my earring listings. Granted, some don't have them, but I'm learning as time goes on.

This is also a nice one, I think, but too much like the one I'm using as a front runner:

And then as the last photo, I added one that shows that it can be a set too. Most of you suggested listing them separately (and I agree), but I did still want people to see them together.

So any suggestions you may have are welcomed on my end. And thanks again for looking and helping out here! I really appreciate your input!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful photos Cindy! And I agree with everything. I think the hanging ones should be the 2nd shot. That's my only suggestion. You got it all figured out my friend! They're so pretty!!!

  2. I love your front runner photo. I think you picked the right one! Pricing is very, very hard. I keep raising my prices and then lowering them, raising, lowering.... it's hard to decide!

    The photos look great though! I like your use of the twig too. I use a blackened dowel (I put a torch to it) but I'm considering using copper tubing instead because I have plenty of the copper and it's so 'me'. I also like hanging photos but never for the first one. You did it right! I've also read to use a quarter for size and most of my pieces have 'hand shots' in them but now they say don't use your hand for comparison so the quarter is a great idea I only recently started using.

    I usually take my favorite photo and crop it dramatically close.. like focus on one thing..but save it 'as' something so it doesn't ruin the original. Then when I do my videos I have a drama shot (if you've seen my videos they are really close up) and sometimes I use the close cropped ones as first photos-but not always!! Your photos look great!!



  3. Thanks for your input Wug! I used the hanging photo as my second one and I think it does work well. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment here!

  4. Thanks so much Val! Glad you like my front runner photo. I thought it was the best one too. I'm with you on the pricing game. Up, down, up down. I honestly don't know where my prices should be, that's why I asked for opinions.

    I've used dowels also to hang my earrings on, but I love the earthy feel of the twig, and they are all so different. I started to used the quarter and a ruler with my earrings so people could get a sense of the true size since I crop my photos close as you do. A hand in the photo never worked well for me, so I guess I'm doing that part right! LOL

    I've never seen your videos, but I sure would like to! You'll have to send me a link!

    Thanks so much for your input!

  5. Here's my 'channel' on You tube but I only have two videos, both just photo slideshows. They've been on my profile and biz page so you may have seen them already. :) People seem to like them and on ArtFire you can post videos to your shop page so I have my latest one there.

  6. Cute Earrings...$18 is a very reasonable price. I can't get enough antiqued copper! Your first two photos are my favorite. The twig adds a wonderful touch and the background in the second image is very complimentary (it does not take away from the earrings at all). I find the close-up, cropped pictures that Artisan Originals mentioned very striking and appearling too. Good luck with these!

    Whitney :)


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