Friday, December 30, 2011

I've Had The Blah's!

For the last few days I'v"e been beating off the blahs.  Ever get them?  I felt like something was trying to take over my body and I was refusing to let it happen!!  Well, as it turns out, and it usually does, I was experiencing "change in weather" symptoms.  My hubby was sick for such a long time...I think I'm paranoid!!!
Well, I was bored and made a few pairs of earrings.  This is just a preview of one of those pairs.  You'll see the rest when I list them.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend too!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Preview Day

Just another Sunday here.  Not much going on.  Same old, same old.  But I have been keeping busy creating new jewelry.  So here it is.  Please let me know what you think.

I'm unsure of the appeal of these, but they're made with antique copper and dark green pearl disk beads.  Is there anything interesting about them, or should I think about re-styling them?

These are simple.  Silver faceted glass beads with silver glass pearls.  Basic silver earring.  Small but a bit elegant too.  What do you think?  Appeal?

If any of you are on Facebook, you may have already seen this one.  I haven't listed it yet, but I love the simplicity of it.  It goes with everything.

This bracelet is the sister of another one in my shop.  The difference is that this one has lapis beads in it.  The turquoise in the focal bead are real turquoise chips.  It also has lapis chips and coral chips in it.   I love those Tibetan beads, don't you?

This necklace is new.  I used Mexican zebra jasper as the beads.  I like it, but what do you think?

These earrings are really feminine!!  The pink focal beads are Czech glass.  I love them!  I added the glass pearls for interest.  What do you think?

This purse charm/ zipper pull/ key chain is a real "hoot" isn't it?  I loved these charms when I got them in the mail the other day and couldn't wait to make something with them.  Do you like?

I found these leaf beads in a local bead store the other day and just had to have them!!  I could picture a bracelet just like this!  The yellow beads are actually yellow jade and the bracelet is sterling silver.  I used silver plated head pins on these though.  What do you think of it?

And last, but certainly not least are these chandelier earrings I made yesterday.  I used antique copper connectors and added copper colored glass pearls and soft yellow that complement them well.  These are long earrings for those of you that love big.  Hopefully someone will love these too.

That's it for the preview.  Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment so I know what you think.  Thanks!!
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Easy Orange Cookies

A couple of weeks ago we decided it was time to go get our passport photos taken so we could renew our passports just in case we want to go somewhere in the future.  So off to Walgreens we went!  We got them taken and the girl said they would be ready in about 20 min.  We didn't think it was worth going home and coming back, so since Home Depot was right across the street, we decided to waste our time there.  

As you can imagine, as a woman, I find it hard to find interesting things to look at in the winter months, so off to the magazine rack I went!  What did I find?  A super simple cookie recipe!  Now how uncouth is it to stand there and write it down instead of buying the magazine?!!  I didn't out the paper and pen came and I wrote it down!  

The top cookies are orange cookies (Yummy!)  
The bottom cookies are lemon.  Also (yummy!).  Okay, so how are they made?  That's the best part!!!
You take 1 box of cake mix, in this case I used orange for the orange cookies and lemon for the lemon cookies.  Dump it in a bowl.  Add 1/2 cup melted butter, 1 beaten egg and 1 c. Rice Krispies!  Yep...I said Rice Krispies!  I also added a teaspoon of orange zest for the orange and lemon zest for the lemon.  
The batter will be a bit crumbly, but that's okay.  Just form them into balls and place them on an ungreased cookie sheet.  You then bake them at 350 degrees for about 12-15 minutes or till done.  My oven is slow so it always takes longer.
How simple is that!!??  I have spice cake mix (I'm going to add raisins to those), cherry chip ( how about some chocolate chips in those) and I have a butter pecan cake mix ( some chopped pecans will be great with those!).
They are so easy, I let my 2 year granddaughter help with the orange ones.  She had a ball!

I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!!  Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Wordless Wednesday

I can't help myself....I love this necklace and want everyone to see it!  In my shop!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Simple, Elegant Wedding With My Jewelry

A couple of months ago, a young lady that I've known from birth asked me to make her wedding jewelry.  I was so touched and thrilled to have the opportunity.  I was also very nervous!  I wanted so much to please her.  So I had her come over, look through my beads and give me an idea of what she wanted.  She chose a very elegant but simple style for her and her maid of honor to wear.  The photos below are the finished result.

Her accent color was sky blue.  These are light sapphire and matched perfectly!  She wanted simple earrings and a bracelet.  Her dress had a pretty pearl and light sapphire sash/cumber bun and she didn't want to distract from it by wearing a necklace. 

Her maid of honor was her sister.  The colors she chose was paprika and pearl.  She wore a pretty paprika colored dress and these match perfectly!  Notice that she had a necklace made for her as well.

As you can see, the earrings were the same.  Simple but elegant!

Now comes the reveal!  How did they look?  The photos below show it all!

I took this photo with the two of them together.  You'll have to look close at the detail to see the jewelry.

This is Jennifer wearing her maid of honor jewelry.  Everything matched.  Even her lipstick!

And this is Rachel the bride!  Notice her pretty cumber bun.  We added Swarovski crystals in light sapphire to accent it.  She was a beautiful bride!  And I'm so touched that she asked me to make the jewelry that I had to show it off!  Thanks for looking.