Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Days I Feel Like A Fruitloop In A Box Of Cheerios!

While looking through Etsy, I came across this cute illustration by tillbiedron! I do think it says it all, don't you?

Do you ever have those days when you can't say anything right and when you do finally get a logical thought together the words get all jumbled up in your mouth and people look at you with puzzlement like you're a fruitloop? That's a daily thing for me! LOL

I then decided to check out some of her other work. She's only been on Etsy since November of last year but what a shop! I love her banner too! She's a fabulous artist!

Let me show you a few more of her illustrations and fabulous wedding toppers!

Ha ha! She says she loves clowns (most clowns that is)! I think this is adorable, don't you? She has 3 available on this one!

And then for the kids room, this is priceless!!! Who wouldn't want this hanging in their baby's room! AND there's 2 available!!

And then we have the fabulous wedding toppers! This is just a sample of the toppers she sells in her shop. Aren't these adorable??? What I really love is that you not only get the wedding topper but the illustration that goes with it!

This is priceless! What a wonderful memory from a wonderful day!!!

There are many more cute and imaginative items in tillybiedron's shop and I encourage you to take a few minutes and browse!

Have a whimsical day everyone!! And get yourself out of that cheerio box if at all possible! LOL I'll be working on it! Tee Hee!!


  1. Ha! Ha! Don't we all have days when we feel just like a fruit loop?!! ^_^ What a great shop Bead! I love the idea of getting an illustration with your wedding topper!!! What a great idea...and a very marketable one! :-] Now, I know babies don't really come from storks...I'm too old for that kind of delusion!...but I love this idea for a new baby --> After all, new babies are like a ray of sunshine entering your life, or the "fruit"-age of the belly...a reward! :-) Thanks for sharing her shop Cindy!

  2. I knew you'd appreciate this one Deb! I also loved the baby one! I just couldn't put her whole shop in here!! Thanks for taking a look at it! I love her work! Just wish I had that kind of talent! LOL

  3. I think that today I AM that Fruit Loop!! I am following you back!! ~KM


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