Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Would Morning Be Without Coffee ---- The Nectar Of Morninghood??!!

(You can find this shirt in the shop Manvsink on Etsy! This is a cool shop!)

Yesterday morning I was thinking about how wonderful my coffee was tasting as I was checking my email and making some everyday changes in my Etsy shop. That got me thinking of what I could find on Etsy that would be coffee-licious!! Here are a few things I found.

For one.....when we first get up in the morning we have to decide what kind of coffee we want. So this seemed to fit the bill:

(You can find this in Timber Ridge's shop on Etsy! Great shop to check out too!)

So out comes the grinder and we get busy grinding that gourmet coffee!! Ummmm, doesn't that smell awesome???

(You'll find this in SycamoreHill on Etsy)

So we place the freshly ground coffee in the coffee maker, add the water, and hit the "on" button. Then we wait...and we wait.... Why does it take so long???

(This awesome mug is found in DailyGrinder's shop on Etsy! Check it out! It's really a fun shop!)

Finally that pot is finished!!! Do we drink it black? Or do we add cream, sugar or both??

(These can be found in LennyMud's shop on Etsy! Great pottery here!)

Okay, I've decided.....I'll have mine black! Ummmmmm, doesn't it taste good? We're savoring the flavor and enjoying every sip...but suddenly our cup is empty!!! Now what can we do??? I believe I know:

( You'll find this in Gayanaart's shop! What a great collection of quotations and aphorisms!)

And what would a great morning cup of coffee be without a little something to eat with it?

These bonbons look so delicious and you can find them in the shop Lollidreams on Etsy! I only dream of eating these with my coffee!! YUM!!

Finally after the 3rd or 4th cup...we're ready for the day!! Go get em!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

I'm off for another cup!! LOL


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! What a great post, Bead! I haven't had my coffee today. Yes, I said coffee! :-)) I actually woke up craving a cup this morning. Must be all those bon bons I was dreaming about! ^_^

  2. I love this! Thank you so much for including me with so many great picks--fantastic way to start the day!

  3. What a great way to put it: "the nectar of morninghood!" Luv it! :)

  4. Thanks Wug! Having major trouble today with blogger so I haven't been able to comment on your blog either! Hope you enjoyed your coffee!

  5. Thank you Lennymud!! And you're so welcome too!


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