Friday, November 9, 2012

Old Photos.....Equal Nostalgia

Don't you just love old photos??  I sure do!  

This is a photo of my grandparents, my dad (the little cutie on the left, standing) and 3 of his siblings.  After this was taken, they had 5 more children!  Wow!!  Can you believe it?


Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday.......Reminded Me Of What Are The Most Important Things In Life

Tuesday......It started out a normal day.  I spent much of the day in my ministry, which I enjoy very much.  Had a good day as a matter of fact.  I came home, changed my clothes and thought about what I was making for dinner.  As I was thinking, the phone rang.  The fear I've had for the last 35 years came partially true.  It was my husband....."Hi....I've been in an accident!  Don't worry, I'm alright but I totaled the car."  I was so thankful that he wasn't killed!  It was a bad accident.  He was hit from behind by a person going full speed, knocked in the ditch and flipped over and landed on the roof!!!  He could have been killed!!  It was his quick thinking that saved him.  A woman in front of him had stopped to make a left hand turn (by the way, she didn't use her signal!!!  USE YOUR SIGNALS PEOPLE!!).  He slowed down, but noticed in his rearview mirror that the van behind him was NOT slowing down and was going to plow into him if he didn't try to move.  So he quickly veered to the right, but not quick enough.  He could have been killed!  He was hit in such a way that he was alright.  Just hanging upside down by his seatbelt.  He was amazed at how quickly there were people there and asking him if he was alright!  He took off his seatbelt, and thankfully his window still rolled down, and he crawled out!  He was very fortunate!!  You see, he drove a Toyota Rav4 and all his tools were in the back.  They were flying all over the vehicle and one or more could have hit him and killed him!!
 My husband has worked in construction for the last 36 years or so.  He's always on the road and I've worried for years that he would have an accident that would take his life.  I'm so thankful that I still have him!!
What I learned for this is "things" are NOT important!  That car (even though he had less than a year and loved it) can be replaced!!  I could never replace him!!  He's been my mate, my best friend and my greatest companion for 40 years.  What would I do without him!!  I don't want to think about.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, having material things means nothing if you lose someone you love.  Cherish your moments with your loved ones and be thankful you still have them.  Stick those material things in the background!!  The Bible is so right when it says that life does not result from the things we possess (Luke 12:15).
Enjoy your Wednesday!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Is Anyone Out There?

If anyone is out there and reading my blog, you may be interested in knowing that I'm having a sale through tomorrow, Oct. 5.  Just enter coupon code FALL20 and receive 20% off your entire purchase!!

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Happy shopping!  Now's the time to buy that special something that you've had your eye on!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Creation Preview

Just a few new pieces I've made recently but haven't listed yet.  Let me know what you think!!

I love these earrings!  I have shown them off on FB.  I really wish the Swarovski crystals looked purple instead of blue.  It's a bit misleading.

This is a longer style necklace.  It has no clasp and it's easy on and off over the head.  The silver and black is so classy.

Just an interesting pair of earrings.

I love this green necklace!  It's simple but so pretty!  And it will look great with sweaters!

This is a pretty seaglass necklace!  I put the earrings below on with it so you could see what a set may look like.  Keep in mind that the earrings below are a different color, but I can make a pair in the right color to match if you wish.

That's it for the preview.  I will list some of these items in the future.  Stay tuned....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sneak Peek Wednesday

 Just a few new items I haven't listed yet.  I know I can show them off here since no one really reads this anyway.  LOL  
A pair of earrings I made while on vacation.

I really love the focal beads in these.

I did show this one off on FB.

I love the focal bead here.

If you love red (dark red), you'll love these!

Love this, don't you?

Bracelet re-make.  Awesome I think, but what do I know!

I love the yellow in this one!!  I hope you do too!

I love these!!  I can't understand why other people don't!  They go with everything. 

I love these too!!  Great for fall.

There you go.  Thanks for looking at my sneak peek.  If you see anything you want, let me know.

Monday, September 10, 2012


A few days ago, I posted on Facebook a wonderful giveaway!!  All you have to do is be my 450th customer and you'll receive this bracelet free as a thank you!  I was sure that someone would take advantage, but no.  So here it is.....anyone want a free bracelet?  Just be my 450th customer!  It's as easy as that!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer's Last Fling

I haven't been here for awhile, but I thought I'd like to share with you a bit of our summer's last fling vacation.  First off, let me tell you how and why we ended up here.   As some of you know, my husband and I celebrated our 40th anniversary in May.  Our two sons and daughter-in-laws surprised us with a week on Beaver Island in northern Michigan.  Why there?  Well when my sons were little boys, we used to visit Beaver Island at least once every summer and sometimes in the fall too.  You see, my Dad used to own a cabin up there.  When he became sick, he had to sell it.  We were all very sad and yearned to go back.  So many fond memories!  And so many new fond memories!

When we first arrived at our cabin (below), we went down to the beach and this (above is the scenery there.  The cabin sits on Font Lake.  It's a beautiful little lake with loons and other waterfowl.

You may wonder what this empty lot is.  Well, we're looking at it from the lake, Lake Michigan that is.  This is where my Dad's cabin used to sit.  You see a few years ago, we rented it to take our sons and their families to see.  Someone forgot to turn off the water in the winter and pipes froze and flooded.  It was so full of mold, they had to tear it down.  Now we can just imagine an A-frame cabin sitting there with all windows on the side that faces the lake and a huge deck.  So sad.....

One of the most fun places to get photos is this old rusty truck.  We had our grandson Jonah, sit (actually he's standing) in it for this photo.  I love this shot!

This is the story of the island.  I hope you can read it because it's really interesting.  Below is the museum.  Tells us a lot of history of the island.

One of the first nights we were there, we climbed Mt. Pisgah (above) to watch the sunset.  This was a tradition!  Something we always did when we went to the island.  It was wonderful!

Something we always had our children do was to go "snipe" hunting.  Now keep in mind there is no such thing, so Grandpa is telling Jonah the story behind it.  I love this shot!

And here's the sunset we saw over Lake Michigan!!  Well worth climbing that dune to see!

This is just another spot we walked to out to the lake (Lake Michigan) one day.  It was so warm and calm.  We really enjoyed it!

The name of the town is St. James.  This sign sat at the end of our driveway.  It's an awesome sign!  My dad's cabin was on Donegal Bay.

Strange rock.  Looks like an alien.

We had kayaks available to use.  Here is my son and grandson.  They really enjoyed it!

Something that we always did when our sons were little is to take a trip over by Fox Lake and climb on the "big rock."  That's what it is known as.  We had to go back and take their photos on it once again.  

Another favorite stop on the island is the Beaver Island Toy Museum Store.  Our sons loved it when they were kids.  It hasn't changed one bit!  It still had mounds of inexpensive fun toys for all ages!  The glasses below are just a sample of some of the fun things we got. We loved this so much we went back 4 times!!  AND as a bonus, she had strands and strands of beads!!  Very well priced too!!

Behind the toy museum store was the owners studio and garden.  My son and his wife are sitting on a bench in the garden, and my granddaughter is sitting by a cute little playhouse on the path leading to the art studio.

Ahoy maties!!  Jonah the pirate!!

One last look at the lake (Font Lake) before we had to go home.  It was a wonderful week, one I will never forget, but it went by way too fast!!  Sure wish we could stay longer!  Maybe next time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!