Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Black Squirrels And Hummingbirds

These tulips are under my tree (the one with the hummer in it) and I just HAD to show them off!

The other day Deb, from The Wugs Backyard Blogspot, talked about putting up a hummingbird feeder and was so excited on seeing one! Well that got me thinking that maybe it was time to put my feeder out. So on Friday I dug it out, cleaned it, made some nectar and then filled it. I didn't notice any for a couple of days, but Monday morning voila! I saw my first!! As Deb was saying, they are crafty little critters. As soon as I would get my camera, they would fly off! So I decided to just wait and try to catch them later since I needed to head out the door at that time. Well I was just about to walk out the door when I saw him again!!! This time I got the camera and I swear he was posing for me!!! LOL! I just HAD to show off my photos! (I know....I'm not the best photographer, but I DID get photos!!) So here they are!

Not a lot of variety, but he was a pretty fellow! Last night I was watching a female drinking! They love my feeder! Yay!!

By the time I got those photos I was REALLY running late, but I was looking out my back door and I watched two black squirrels chasing each other in the yard. That got me thinking about how we take black squirrels for granted around here. Evidently they are native to our area and people come to visit and are amazed! They've never see black ones before. So, I decided to show them off in the photos below.

They were so cute chasing each other into the neighbors yard!

They chased each other up the tree! Sorry about the photos, but they're a bit too fast for me. I've been on squirrel watch this morning trying to capture some better ones, but not seeing any this morning! :(

What I DID see is 2 hummers chasing each other away from the feeder!! This little guy is sitting on a branch close to the feeder to keep watch of "his" property!! LOL

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a visit to my backyard this morning! I love this time of year when everything comes alive again, don't you?
Enjoy your beautiful Wednesday!!


  1. So glad the hummers like your feeder :)
    And those squirrels are COOL!

  2. WOW!!!! This is great!! You caught yours!! I didn't have any visitors yesterday. My backyard was whipping up wind and had too many robins in it I guess. Those robins are so territorial!! Hubby is going to get the ant spray today, for the base of the tree too. They're still coming!!! UGH!!...By the way, you said you make your own nectar? How do you do that?! I may need to try that. Less expensive probably!...I love the photos of the black squirrels frollicking around too! Have a good day my friend.

  3. Great blog and photos. I so enjoy watching nature too!! We took a walk last night down the path by the small lake next to our apartment building and there was a mama duck with her chicks. We were amazed that she had so many, there was about 20 of them. WOW! Have a great day Cindy. :))

  4. Thanks Kerri! I wish my photos would have been better. Just can't get them to come out when you want them too! LOL

  5. Sorry yours are a bit scared Wug! They don't like the wind much.
    Glad to hear you're getting that ant spray. Let me know if it works for you. I have my feeder hanging on a pole (as you see in the photo) and sometimes I spray the whole pole! Of course I DO take the feeder down first.
    To make the nectar, it's 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. Bring to a boil, stir and let it cool before you put it in the feeder. I actually make it sweeter by adding a bit more sugar. REALLY draws them! It IS much cheaper!
    Thanks for your comment my friend!

  6. Finally spring Peg!! We can now enjoy the nature we've been waiting so long to see! Sounds like you had a great walk!
    Thanks for your comment! Say "Hi" to Randy for us and give him a big ((HUG!))

  7. Those tulips look so pretty. And what wonderful guests to have in your back yard!

  8. I wish they would come to our yard. We are the only one that has flowers in about 3 blocks and the back of the house is SWAMP. We planted 'butterfly' plants and they don't even come around..... oh well, for now I will just watch your photos and dream!! ~KM

  9. Thanks for the tip on the homemade nectar, my friend!! We're gonna try that as soon as this runs out!!


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