Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tale Of A Ballerina!

This photo is from Wikipedia!

There once was a little girl who wanted to be a ballerina!! Her mother thought it would be good to start her out in ballet lessons at a very young age. So before she started school, she was in a ballet class. She learned a lot about dance. Not only ballet, but tap dancing too! She worked so hard to perfect her talent and was so excited to have her first recital!! Mom and Dad were excited too! They took along the movie camera to capture the recital on film for future use! There was even a group photo taken of the class! She was so proud!

What a cute group of little girls, don't you think?

One day the little girl asked her Daddy if they could see the movie he made of the recital. She was so excited and so the little girl exclaimed "Daddy, daddy, which one is me?" Daddy tried to be as discreet as possible and so he said "just watch'll know which one is you. You're the one that is always going the wrong way!"
Well, that's the story of MY ballet lessons. That was also the end of MY ballet lessons. Can you tell which one is me?
Yep, it's me!! Standing tall and proud! And I'm even standing the right way!! LOL Do you have a story to tell about lessons you took as a child? (P.S. I can't believe this photo is 50 yrs. old!!)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's New???

Before I show you what's new, let me tell you about a walk my hubby and I took the other night. It was a beautiful evening. The wind was blowing, the water was calm (except on the other side of the pier) and it was somewhat pleasant in temps. We were walking along when I heard what I called a "bird convention" taking place in a tree. It sounded like the birds were debating who was going to lead the flock and what route they were going to take to fly south! There was a LOT of arguing! LOL I love to hear the birds this time of year.
Speaking of this time of year, I've been busy creating some fall style jewelry. Let me share with you a few of my new creations that I haven't listed as yet.
First, I have this Blue Colsilica bracelet. I love the blues and brown, don't you?

Then I made this beautiful fresh water pearl and black onyx chips bracelet. It's wire wrapped with argentium sterling silver so it won't tarnish!! Even the clasp is handmade!!

How about a Mother of pearl and peacock freshwater button pearl bracelet? I love the navy blue color here! This will be great with blue jeans or for dress!

I can't forget about my purse pulls, can I? This one is made with a natural Citrine bead as a focal! I love the yellow color! I also used a serpentine diamond and some yellow jasper rondelles I bought from Carla at Beads by C . You need to check out her shop!

How about a Rainforest jasper bead in this great pull! I love the swirl bead as the secondary too!
Or, what do you think of this great Red River Jasper and Green crackle bead purse/zipper pull? I thought this focal bead looked a bit like a map! What do you think?

And yes, I did make a pair of earrings too! These are black onyx and Swarovski bicones in jet black. So classy, don't you think?
And I also made these cute little crazy lace earrings. I love the pink color in these.
So yes, I have been busy! Fall is a great time of year. Between birds debating about the fly south and raking leaves (which hubby and I did today!), it seems that it really is a great time of year. I hope you like my new creations. Stay tuned and you may see them in my shop real soon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What To Blog About

Why am I always at a loss as to what to blog about? It comes so easily to some of you. Care to share some secrets?
I wanted to mention the treasury that I'm a part of right now. My butterfly purse/zipper pull is in it.
WHY do my photos always come out sideways???? I don't have a clue how to turn them around! I don't use picassa anymore because it slows down my computer. Anyone.....I mean ANYONE who can help me with this, I'd appreciate it!!
Now, back to what I was saying.......what was I saying? I'm so forgetful these days! I guess it's that O.L.D. that's taking over my body! LOL
Yes, I have a problem knowing what to blog about. But here I have a wonderful treasury that I've been privileged to be a part of. Let's see if I can get a shot and show it to you.......don't go away!
I can't believe it didn't come out sideways!! Anyway...didn't she do a great job? (Applause!!) My friend Deb (Wuglyees) has her beautiful necklace next to me too! Here is where I have another problem. I have NO idea how to put her item in my blog!!

Well, look what I did!! Sorry it's as big as it is, but at least it's there!

So as you can see, I really need help and suggestions. You got any?

Thanks in advance! I hope SOMEONE actually reads this post.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Something New And Something Exciting!!

So what do I start with. Something new or something exciting! I think I'll tell you about something exciting that will be happening for me and my shop on Monday and Thursday the week of October 4th!! We will be featured on OurKnickkacks blogs, FB and Twitter!! I'm really looking forward to that!! I'll post the links as we get closer to the date!

Now on with the new. Yesterday I was fooling around with wire and made some new earrings. I'm not sure if I'll list them because they are a first attempt and they aren't so good, but I'll show you some photos of how they look and let you decide.

As you can see in this first photo, my loops are a bit lopsided. Okay, well it IS my first attempt!!

I love the way they lay here. I almost like them when I look at this photo! Hmmmm, maybe I'll just keep them for myself! (Slapping my hand!) Hubby says, "Sell them!"
So what do you think? List them or make another pair to list?? What would you do?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Brand New Necklace That Never Got Listed

Strange title, I know!! But I have been trying to figure out what to do with a ceramic button I bought a few weeks back to make a necklace with. Well, last Saturday, since it was raining all day, I decided to sit down and stare at it. Yes....I said stare at it. I have to do that to get my creative juices flowing!
My grandson had spent the night and he asked if he could make Mommy some earrings. So I gave him some things and told him to go to it. In the meantime, I started playing with my button! And this is what I came up with:

Keep in mind that the button is 2 inches in diameter!! Large indeed!

I was liking it more and more as I worked hard on it and Jonah worked hard on his earrings for Mommy (which, by the way turned out surprisingly cute!) He then proceeded to make Mommy a necklace too! Very cute indeed! She loved it!

Well, in the end, I LOVED the necklace! I was so proud of it I showed it to a friend this morning and she loved it too! In fact so much that she bought it!! That's why it will never get listed. I did want to at least show it off and see what everyone else thinks. Do you like it?????? I would love your input!

Strange Week So Far

Finally after weeks and weeks, I am actually able to say I feel great!! But a strange week we've had. My sister-in-law's mother died and tomorrow, another dear old friend who has had 2 massive heart attacks in 2 days, will have the plug pulled on him. Sad, so sad! At times like these, I'm so happy that I understand what death is and what hope the Bible holds out for those that fall asleep in death. It really helps us get through these things.
I know this is short and sweet....but it's what I have to share today. Hopefully your week has been a bit better than mine.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Blustery Tuesday!

The one below, I loved so much it's now my computer's wallpaper!

I wanted to share with you the beauty of the lake (Lake Michigan) on this blustery Tuesday!! High winds draw many photographers, tourists, townspeople and surfers to our beautiful pier and lake! And you can see why by the photos!! I don't have much else to say about it, so I'll let the photos do the talking for me! Enjoy!

Friday, September 3, 2010

What A Friday!!

I wasn't sure how Friday would turn out, due to the fact that I was up half the night due to a storm (I'm afraid of storms), and a migraine! Seems strange that the weather can go from 90 plus and humid down to the 60's with little or no humidity overnight, but the wind shows that the cold front did come through! I should have taken a ride to the beach today to see how large the waves were, I heard they were awesome!! But instead, I went to a trunk show! The best I've ever been to. I could have spent a lot more money, and a lot more time looking at everything but I guess there's still tomorrow. (Don't tell hubby! LOL)
I did want to share with you some of my great new beads though.

When I walked into the store, I was in awe! These were the first ones I saw that I knew I wanted! I can just imagine a necklace or bracelet to wear with bluejeans!

And then I found these!! Aren't they great?? I thought they would complement the first ones I found very nicely. Hmmmmmm, how will I pull it all together?

I couldn't believe it when I found these! I loved them so much I bought 2 strands!! I have a plan........sorry, you'll have to wait and see! Stay tuned.
Then I left and went home and felt really good about my purchases. But after I got home and started to work on a project, I found that some of the beads I bought along with my trunk show purchase, were NOT going to work. So back to the bead store I went! Bad idea! I just couldn't resist!

I was digging around in the stash and I found these!! I love purple! Do I have a plan for these!! I can't wait to start playing with them! But it didn't stop there. I couldn't help myself.....I love the color of these:

I'm not sure what I will do with these, but I'm sure I'll still have fun. So that's the damage I did today. I'm happy, but there's always tomorrow!