Monday, March 21, 2011

Want To See?????

I've put it off for a long time now, and finally got busy yesterday and straightened my work area up. If I were a smart girl (no comments please! LOL), I would have taken before photos, because there is NO way you can appreciate the work I did!! It started out with my husband asking me if I needed the 2 top shelves in the cabinets next to my work area.

(The shelves on the far left are the ones I'm talking about!)

I told him he could use them if he wanted and he said "OK, but I thought maybe you were going to use them." Well, I got to looking around and told him "yes, I would like to use them to organize my area." So, I won them!!! That triggered a cleaning spree! That counter was filled with my props for my photos! Doesn't it look great now?

And from there, I started to clean and put away my tools, beads, etc. My table now has space to actually do my work!

Wow!! It scares me every time I walk down there! But now everything is easily accessible!

Now you may wonder, where does she keep her beads? Well, even that area got a makeover!!

It's so organized it's scary!! But I really like it cleaned up, I just wonder how long it will last! I have some items in the works, so I'm sure by the end of the week, it'll be back the way it was! LOL Next time I'll let you in on that too.......NOT!!

Have a great Monday!! Don't work too hard!


  1. Ha! Ha! What a great post, Bead!!! I love seeing your space where all those beautiful jewelry pieces were born! :-) Good job too! So ready to be messed up again!!! Ha! Ha!

  2. Wow your art area is so clean! I have so many projects going at once that mine is never picked up. Want to come to my house to organize things?

  3. Ha ha ha Wug!!! It IS so ready to be messed up! If you had only seen it BEFORE!! GASP!! You would have wondered how in the world I could find anything!! But it worked for me. I knew where everything (well almost) was! Thanks my friend!

  4. Thanks Susan! It took me awhile to do too! I usually have more than one project going too! Actually on one of the mats, I have a couple of things I'm still "thinking" about.
    Thanks for inviting me to clean yours, but no thanks! I never want to do that again! LOL

  5. Wow! You are the organizing queen! I think I need to hire you to work on our basement ;) Now you have a clean, roomy area to work your magic. Fantastic!

  6. Thanks Julie! It's now Friday and I have to admit, it's becoming a bit disheveled again! LOL
    But I like the thought of being the "organizing queen!" I'm really not, but thanks!

  7. You really did a good job with the organizing even though I don't know what you had there before ;) Could I hire you to come and do that for me too? LOL


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