Sunday, March 13, 2011

♫♫ Monday Monday.....So Good To Me!! ♫♫

I know....what is she saying!! What's good about Mondays!!!! Well, it's just positive thinking that's all. If I'm not positive, I'll get depressed! But I have no reason to be. I've had a great weekend since my oldest son and daughter in law are here visiting and I've been able to spend a LOT of time with both my sons and their families!! I treasure those times!

But I also have had a few minutes here and there to create, so I thought I'd once again give you all a sneak preview!

First, I made these earrings. The flowers are sterling silver and they're so pretty! Simple, but pretty. I actually really like these and I hope someone else does too!

The focal "bead" in this one is a Mexican beach stone. It's actually a fossilized coral piece. I love the texture! I tried to keep it a bit beachy by adding beach related beads to the chain. I sure hope someone sees the beauty in this one!

There really is 1 more necklace that I made, but I haven't had time to photograph it yet. It's a handmade lampwork bead in lavender and cream that I made into a pendant and added to a sterling silver chain. Very simple, but oh so pretty! I'll show that one off a bit later.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week too!


  1. I' so glad you had a good weekend!! Squeeze the son and daughter in law tight, say hello to them from me, and enjoy the rest of the time you get to spend with them!! :-)...I love your new pieces too! Especially the beachy necklace! Good job...and good post Bead!! :-)

  2. Thanks Wug my friend! Not very many people read my blog posts cuz of the lack of interest, but you are faithful! I appreciate it!


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