Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Much To Say -- So I'll Be a Show Off!!

These are photos of my Kittys!! Aren't they adorable?! Not much else to say, so I guess this IS a wordless Wednesday! LOL


  1. Ha! Ha! No words were necessary!! They're adorable! :-)

  2. Thanks Wug! That's what I thought! I was going to add the new treasury I'm in, but I can't get screenshot to work. Don't know how else to do it.

  3. What beautiful kittys you have! No words are needed!

    About the screenshot, I found this tool that will help you make them with an ease You just enter the link to the above field and you will be taken to another page where you see the screenshot. You will probably need to crop it, there's a tool for that on the left side, third from the bottom. Just draw around the area where you want it to be cropped. After that you can save it. It will then ask you to sign up for them but I clicked cancel and still found the saved file on my desktop :) Pretty useful tool!

  4. Thanks so much Mariann! I appreciate your help. I did try to use the sight you suggested, but it keeps bringing up the first page of treasuries instead of mine. I'll keep playing with and see if I can figure it out.
    Thanks so much!


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