Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Feel Like A Pig!!

These are gift tags by damore4 on Etsy. Aren't they cute?

You heard it! Yep...I DO feel like a pig! A Miss Piggy for sure! Why you may ask? Well let me tell you the story......get your coffee and get in your favorite chair, cuz here we go:

Once upon a time a girl (me) was having trouble trying to come up with "new" ideas for family suppers. She thought and thought and thought some more, but wasn't having much success. Suddenly her husband (my hubby) piped up: "How about pigs in a blanket! We haven't had those in a long time and I love them!" So the girl (me) made a deal with him. She said, "If you stop at the meat market in Allendale, I'll make the pigs!" Well she knew full well he wouldn't remember to do it! LOL One afternoon she found herself in Allendale! "Should I stop and get some and surprise him?" she asked. She caved and went and bought the meat! Last night was the night. Here are the photos of a work in progress!

First she (me) started with good quality bulk breakfast sausage, cuz she knew the grocery store kind just would not be as good (the local butcher is much better and less fat), and then she made them into links as you can see above.

Then she cheated because it was known throughout the land that she (me) couldn't make very good pie crust from scratch. Never got the hang of it! She cut them into squares to make rolling them around the links work well. She (me) then rolled them up and.....viola......

.....this is how they looked! Yes, she did know she had a bit too much dough! She (me) had to just bake it and it it plain....that's when the Miss Piggy took over. Anyway, she (me) then popped them into a 375 degree oven and baked them till done, about a half hour or so.

See how pretty they came out?? She (me) was so happy! And not a bit of grease, cuz the sausage was so lean!! Her husband (my hubby) was so happy!!!! What did she serve them with?

You got it.....a cranberry spinach salad! Not only beautiful, but delicious too!

Well, the girl (me) ate and ate and ate some more!! She couldn't believe how many "pigs" she ate! And in the night, her body told her she was a "pig" too! She had a tummy ache and almost lost her cookies! Fortunately it never happened and she lived happily ever after!

They were delicious!!! Hubby had wished I had made a double batch, so I made a deal with stop in Allendale and get more sausage (this time 2 pounds) and I'll make more!

Hope you enjoyed my story!


  1. Cute story Cindy! They looked yummy!! Good for you ! :)

  2. Ha! Ha! You are too funny!!! And a very good pig-in-a-blanket maker too!! They look delicious, but totally not like I'm using to having them. I'm used to having hot dogs and cheese wrapped up in the pastry. Any time I can have sausage...BETTER!! LOL I love greens of all kinds and dried cranberries..but not together. I have texture issues. I'd be chewing on this salad all night, waiting to swallow! ^_^ I know....I'm weird!!

    By the way, my girlfriend Jen told me to tell you that she thought your pig was cute and she liked your post too! She said something else, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was now! LOL I'm really getting OLD!!! ^_^

  3. Thanks Cathy! They were really yummy! If my mouth wasn't so numb right now (just came home from the dentist) I would have another one!

  4. I knew you'd like to see what they looked like Deb!! Thanks for the thumbs up! They were delicious and so was the salad (sorry you have texture issues....tee hee).

    Tell Jen thank you too for the nice complement. Glad you both enjoyed it!

  5. Okay, when you said pig in the blanket...i am thinking hot dogs wrapped in dough and baked. Those things you made are like gourmet pigs in blanket. And now I want to eat pigs in the blanket. I don't think i've had those since I was a kid. Oh man, now I will be craving them all day!

  6. Ha ha LissC!! I know! Everyone has their own definition for "pigs in a blanket." When we buy these here, that's what they're called. And they are wonderful! Not great for the waistline, but what is!


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