Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It IS All About Me!!

Sometimes I refrain from blogging because I feel that no one wants to read about ME all the time. I guess that's why this is MY blog, so that I can write about ME if I choose to. Well today is not much different! LOL I have recently made some new items for my shop and I just HAVE to show them off!! But first, let me show you something I found while looking through Etsy this morning!

This comes from a very cute shop called "Clear Jade Studio!" She has some wonderful artwork there and I highly suggest perusing through her shop! You won't be sorry!

I'm ready for the crocus' and other spring flowers to "wake up" for the spring, aren't you? Instead of seeing this happen, we've got rain, rain and more rain today!! I guess the bulbs do need it, don't they, if they're going to I should stop complaining and just put up with it! Can't change it anyway.

Okay, enough of that. Now I want to show off my latest creations that have not been listed yet. (If there's something you would like, let me know before I list them and I'll reserve them for you).

I actually made this some time ago. I have been uncertain of the appeal and so I've neglected listing it. Do you think it has any appeal?

These earrings were made a few weeks ago. Another item I was unsure of. But maybe someone will love them....right?

For this necklace, I re-vamped an older seed bead chain and added this awesome agate slab. Now this one I think may have appeal!

These earrings I feel take on a vintage sort of look! They're Moukaite hearts with antique brass bead caps and findings. I think they're rather cute, don't you?

There's a great shop on Etsy called rufusandroxy (check out this shop for sure!) . They sell great beads! I feel in love with these beads and just HAD to have them! These earrings, I think, are AWESOME!!

And lastly (aren't you glad?), I am showing off my "trash to treasures" recycled bracelet. I bought an old necklace at a yard sale and transformed part of it into this bracelet. Hmmmm, not sure of the appeal. What to you think?

Well that's it for now. But I'm sure I'll be writing about ME again soon! Ha ha ha!!
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I think all of your pieces are beautiful AND I enjoyed seeing them!!!

  2. Oh! Bead!! I LOVE that purse pull!!! I think it would look great hanging from one of my new little flowers! A turquoise one!! I need to know how much that one is. I may want it, if I can afford it! It may be the first of the beads on my tiny flower necklaces!! :-) ... And all of the other jewelry is great too by the way. I LOVE those beads you got from rufusandroxy! I went and checked out the shop, and hearted some beads I have to keep my eye on too! :-))

  3. Thank you so much debi!!! I appreciate that!

  4. Thanks my friend Wug!! I'm sure we can work out a "deal" on that pull! Won't be much for you my friend! Just let me know.
    Glad you like rufusandroxy! AND shipping is very quick!! I still have a couple more beads from there to use. I love them!

  5. Send me a convo about how much Bead. I'm serious about this one! I really love the colors!

  6. They are are all lovely,especially the last set of earrings gorgeous clours. I too make things and sit looking at them unsure whether to list or not:) Sometimes I have listed a ring that I have made ages ago and it sells straight away and then if I list a ring that I really like it waits for ages. Go figure!! So get listing and looks like you have a sale from Poetesswug (waves) into the bargain. Yay.


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