Friday, December 3, 2010

This May Bore You, But.......

HERE is the link to visit this gorgeous treasury and click and leave a comment.

This post may be boring to you and if it is, I'm sorry. But a friend on FB and Twitter who also has a shop in Etsy, littlefoxphotos, put my earrings in here gorgeous treasury! I'm so proud to be a part of it! She made everything look so pretty and appealing too. Please take a look and leave a comment or two!

As you can see, I also added my latest treasury too! I made this one about an hour before I found out my earrings were in the above one. Once again, take a peek at it HERE, and please click on it and leave me a comment or two! I would very much appreciate it!!

Have a wonderful day and weekend! Keep warm!


  1. I'm glad you love the treasury, I had such good time putting it together and would love to buy them all! :D
    Thank you for mentioning my shop! :)

  2. Treasuries are fun Mariann! I could buy everything I put in mine too, but I have to keep slapping my hand and telling myself "no!" LOL
    You're very welcome! Just a way to show my appreciation.

  3. Both of these treasuries are gorgeous!!! And it's a good thing I haven't made my million yet, or both of you would have empty treasuries!! LOL

  4. Very beautiful treasuries. I could find myself in a lot of trouble thanx to you gals and your keen eyes.

  5. Thanks Wug! I'm trying to continue to "window" shop here! I suggest you do the same! LOL Thanks for your comment!

  6. Thanks SnowflakeDreams1!!! If I wasn't careful, I could be in a lot of trouble here too!!
    Appreciate your comment!


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