Saturday, December 25, 2010

Getting Creative......Again!

These earrings are so cute!! I love the copper hearts and the silver together, don't you?

The last few days have been extremely busy for me. No...not because of Christmas. As Jehovah's Witnesses, we don't celebrate Christmas. But we have been providing snacks, baked goods, coffee, tea, etc. for a special school that is going on this weekend! A LOT of work. But even though it has been busy, I have managed to find some time to make a few new items for my shop, and I thought maybe I'd let you all have a sneak peek at them. I'll be listing them as the week goes on.

These earrings are beads from an older pair that I decided needed to be updated. Gunmetal!!

I love the pinkish colored coral beads in this one. I know....they look more orange! Even in my light-box I was not able to capture the exact color! But I love this one!

This bracelet is AWESOME!! The focal bead is so pretty! I hope someone falls in love with this one!

These are really cute! I used Lapis nuggets for these and Swarovski bicones in dark indigo blue!

If any of these appeal to you more than others, leave me a comment below and that will be the first item I'll list.....tomorrow!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Beautiful, Cindy!! I love the heart-shaped earrings at the top, but I must say that I REALLY loved the indigo blue ones at the bottom! Of course, it's hard to choose with your jewelry though. It's all so pretty!...I know you're probably off somewhere with flour on your face and apron, slaving away at the stove making all of those goodies for KM School. I'm sure they'll be able to taste the love that you're putting into them!! :-)

  2. Thanks Deb! I love the heart shaped earrings too. As a matter of fact, now that my muffins are done, I'm heading to my craft room to make myself a pair!! Thanks for your nice comments on my earrings. And yes, I love the last ones too! They actually would match my Lapis bracelet that's already in my shop!
    Have a great rest of the day. We're going to friends for dinner later. Last night we went to some friends house too and had turkey!! Yummy!


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