Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Look What I Won!!!! Yippee!!

I can't help myself! I just can't keep it to myself!! I finally won a giveaway!! Wow! Never happens to me. I'm so excited! And the photo at the top of this post is what I won! I showed the photo of it to my 5 year old grandson and he said "Grandma, where are you going to put it?" I said "I'm not sure yet." He said "Well, you can give it to me!" Ha ha ha! He loves it too! And I can tell you that in person, it is just as beautiful if not more than what you see in the photo!! Thanks so much Cathy of Artsy Butterfly! Check out her blog HERE! Also if you want to see all her pretties, how about checking out her Etsy SHOP! I LOVE her artwork! I know you will too! Have a great Wednesday!


  1. It is beautiful, Bead!! Congratulations!!! And I'm with your grandson on what you can do with it, if you can't find a place I mean. ^_^ YAY!!! You won!!

  2. Thanks Wug!! I love it! I'll have to decide when I get back!


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