Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Sale Is Over.......Now What???

As you are probably aware, my sale is over (no more pestering everyone about it!) what??? It was exciting to do that sale since I did have several sales from it! Yay! Thanks to all who supported me! I even got a custom order from it. Someone asked me to turn one of my purse charm/dangles into a long necklace with matching beads interspersed throughout the chain. You can see from the top photos how it turned out. Never mind the fat model or that's hard to take a photo of yourself! LOL Anyway, I loved the necklace so much I'm thinking of making more for my shop! What do you think??? Is it a good idea??? I would love your input!

Also, yesterday we got our first snowfall. Hubby put new tires on my car a couple of weeks ago so now more slipping, sliding or spinning! That would make a great song wouldn't it!! Oh, that's right the first part of it IS a song by Paul Simon, "Slip Sliding Away!" <<"Slip Sliding Away!" Click on it! You'll love the song!

Well I'm running out of things to say, but if you're in the mood, check out my dear friends shop, Wuglyees! She makes the most beautiful crocheted items! Look at this for example: If you want to look at it closer, click HERE. She has a matching hat too!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I look forward to reading your blogs too!


  1. Congrats on the snow! ;) I'm glad I'm not alone in this white stuff! LOL
    Your purse pull turned into a necklace looks great but I'm sorry I can't tell you if they would sell because I know nothing about the jewelry industry :D All I know is that it is pretty! :)
    Btw, that song IS great! Thanks for the link! :)

  2. Thanks Mariann for your honest opinion! I don't know if they'd sell either. I may try to make one and put it in my shop and see what happens! I appreciate your comment!

  3. Congrats on your sales. The necklace is gorgeous. I would pay attention to what the stars are wearing. Maybe watch a talk show that several stars are being interviewed and pay attention to the accessories they are wearing and then go from there. Good luck

  4. Thank you SnowflakeDreams!! I have seen a lot of women wearing the longer length necklaces these days, so I'm thinking it may be a good idea to try 1. I appreciate your input!

  5. Oh Bead! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that necklace!!! Sell...? I don't know. People are hard to read these days when it comes to selling. But SHOULD it sell...? ABSOLUTELY!! I especially love the matching accent beads on the chain going up! I can already see this in my beloved GREEN!!! :-)) I love that song too! ♫ Slip, Sliding Away......! ♫ But I'm not slipping anywhere until I say THANK YOU for showing off my Fun Fur "baby"!! I was going to make a bunch more of them, but I haven't sold one yet! If I do I'll make others. Have to wait and see if there's interest...or a custom order for something. I've got slipper necklaces to make...and I'm working on a red and black hat to match the scarf I just amuse myself! :-)) Okay, have a good day!

  6. Thanks so much Deb!! I will have to make one in green for sure! I'm hoping to spend some time on one today. I'll show it to you later.
    You're welcome! I'm always happy to show off your beautiful items! Can't wait to see your new scarf!
    Thanks for your comment!

  7. Just saw your blog Cindy and I like it. Yes, I like the necklace and you made another in green and I bought that too. My daughter got the purple one... she is a beautiful girl inside and out - won Miss DC Teen USA in 1989... so she is the one who will be wearing it... When I was up to see her last time she had a necklace, in shreds, that had a similar dangle thing on the bottom. I pieced it together as best I could because she said it was her favorite necklace ever. So, when I saw your purse charm, a lightbulb went off and I realized it would make a gorgeous necklace and it did...
    I know people are wearing layers of jewelry - I don't but I see lots of people that do and the long length mixed with the mid and shorter lengths seem popular. But I agree with a previous post - it is hard to read what people will buy and with the economy even harder. Just keep up the great work and sharing on FB etc. Your things are very nice and anyone would be proud to own a piece... now you can say a former Miss DC Teen USA has one... :)have a great evening

  8. Thanks so much for your comment Vicki! I'm so happy you like the necklaces even though you haven't actually seen them in person. But I am proud to know that a former Miss DC Teen USA will be wearing one soon! :)))


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