Saturday, October 2, 2010

I've Put It Off Long Enough!

You may wonder just what is it that I've put off long enough. Well let me tell you the story, okay? Back in June when my son and daughter-in-law were here for a visit, my daughter-in-law brought me some beautiful beads from Mexico. She brought me a natural turquoise donut and a strand of natural turquoise rondelles and also a strand of pink dyed jasper nuggets. I loved them all!! I needed a bit of time (nearly 5 months--pathetic!) to think about what I wanted to make for myself from these. Well today I woke up with a migraine, so I decided to stay in which gave me some creative thinking time (after the headache went away, of course!). So I set to it and I made this beautiful necklace and earring set
.....for ME!!

I was so excited about the earrings that I made a pair for my shop too! Unfortunately, I don't have another donut until I go to Mexico in Dec. to make necklace like this for my shop. So it will have to wait. But, below, is what my earrings for the shop look like!

Aren't these cute? Be patient...I'll be listing them soon!!

From there I was looking at a pendant that a friend of mine had picked out some time ago. Again I asked her to please be patient with me and I would come up with something that would be likable to her. So what do you think? I LOVE this new necklace for my friend Ronnie!!

I found the tree of life back in July and have just been waiting to figure out what else to add. I decided to leave it simple! I even put it on a leather cord for a chain! So simple! Should have done that in the first place! Duh!

Then on Thursday I went to a local bead store and found these wonderful Picasso jasper teardrop beads! I loved them so much, I bought enough for 2 pairs of earrings! Here they are:

You may think these look the same, but look closely....the top pair are made with antique brass, the bottom pair are in gunmetal!

And the last thing I made is this beautiful purse pull! I know.....not ANOTHER purse pull!! Actually I have 3 I made yesterday too that need to be listed!! But this one is made with a gorgeous blue quartz! I love the color, don't you?

So I'm not going to bore you anymore with new things I've made! Big deal, huh? I just wanted to share. What have you been working on???


  1. Funny how pain can sometimes cause creativity, isn't it?!...I love what you've been doing! And good for you, making something just for yourself for a change!...I, of course, especially love the blue purse pull!! :-)

  2. I knew you'd love the purse pull Wug! I have 3 more I haven't shown to anyone yet. They're not that great, but who knows! Thanks for your comment! Glad someone read it.

  3. Love what you made for yourself! I usually can't work with a migraine... I love the blue purse pull... is it in the shop still or did you sell it?


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