Monday, October 11, 2010

Color Tour/ Weekend Away----Part 1

I wanted to tell you about my lovely weekend away with hubby, but I have so much to say that I thought I would post it in installments! So here is part 1. We left early on Friday morning to go up north to Traverse City for 2 nights. We were hoping to see a bit of color and WOW, did we ever!! On our way to up, we stopped to a favorite place in Manistee called "Townline Bargain Barn!" A great little junk shop that is very popular.

We got some real bargains here too! Some cookies, tape, cards, pet dish, etc.! I always love to stop and look around!

From here we took the scenic route along the lakeshore, although the color wasn't peaking there yet. But another favorite stop is this little road side stop where you can virtually see for miles! I love the views from up there!

The steps were a LOT to climb, but so worth it!!

From there we drove up the Leelanau peninsula and came to the little village of Leland, also affectionately known as "Fishtown!" This little town tugs at my heart strings every time I go there. My father loved Fishtown! Before he died it was a favorite spot of his! I was a bit disappointed that the candy store was closed at the dam.

But at least we got some great views of the dam itself! It's so pretty!

There's a restaurant up in the left with a balcony so you can sit out there and eat and listen to the dam.

This is a shot going in the opposite direction. There was a beaver swimming in it, but unfortunately I was not able to get a photo of it! Wish I had...he was awesome!

I took a photo of a couple of fishing boats. Out beyond the stones is the "Big Lake!" Of course, I'm referring affectionately to Lake Michigan!

I loved this fish on the top of the smoked fish store!!

So from there we headed over to Suttons Bay and then down to Traverse City where we spent the night. Another day this week I'll show you what we did on Saturday!! Just too many photos for post! Hope you enjoyed the little tour!


  1. Great pics, Cindy, looks like a fun weekend! I would have loved to be at that restaurant by the dam! Gorgeous! Sorry you weren't able to take a pic of the beaver, would have loved to see it.
    Keep up the good work,
    Mariann :)

  2. Thanks Mariann! I love going there! We didn't eat at the restaurant this time, but we have in the past. Every time I got my camera ready to get a shot of the beaver, he slithered away!! I was disappointed, but a lot of others DID succeed in shooting him! Jealous!

  3. What a nice post Cindy!! This dam reminds me of a restaurant in my old stomping grounds in South Windsor Connecticut called "Mill on the River". It looks almost like this. You can eat and listen to the dam water flow. (This can be said 2 ways...some people don't like the sound of the water while they're eating! LOL)...I love the scenic shots over0looking all of the water too!! I'm glad YOU had to do the climbing and not me!! ^_^ I'll await the rest of the photos and have visions of beavers my mind's eye!

  4. Thanks so much Wug!! I knew you'd appreciate it! I have so many photos to show. I wanted to share a couple of hubby, but I'm not sure if he'd appreciate it! Hopefully I can do part 2 tomorrow!

  5. Yeah! Yeah! Show us hubby!! Yeah! Yeah! ^_^

  6. I may be able to show 1 in your dreams!! LOL~ I don't want him mad at me.


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