Thursday, October 14, 2010

Color Tour/ Weekend Away----Part 3

I promise this is the last one!! I know this is boring to some of you, but I've been having fun showing off my photos anyway.
On Sunday we decided on our way home we would take a different route. Am I glad we did!! The colors were phenomenal!! We were driving along 37 and I saw a roadside park and asked Phil to pull over to take some photos. Wow! Were we in for a treat!

This is what we saw at the top of the steps that led down to the lake. I have this photo as my wallpaper on my computer! I love it! Here is another view of this same area:

Isn't it gorgeous? I was so taken by the beauty because we hadn't seen a lot all weekend.

After we went down this steps, this is one of the views too. And this is one also! I love the boat in the background.

Looking back towards the stairway, this is what we saw. Sorry about how bad I look, but I had a migraine and I've put on a few pounds! Yuck! Didn't have a better photo.

So now hubby has his turn to show off the area!!

Yep, that's him!! Holding up the fence! Anyway, as you can see this was a great spot to stop and take photos!
From there we called some friends who have a cabin not too far from here. They were up for the weekend and so we headed towards their place for a visit! I saw this tree on the way, and thought it was so pretty, I snapped a photo of it through my window!

We traveled for what seemed to be a half hour or so and ended at some gravel! Didn't look right so after finding out we went the wrong way, we headed back! Again, I was amazed at the color in this tree!

I had to snap another photo!! Finally going the right way, we saw a lot more beauty that I didn't capture due to the fact that my headache was getting worse. But we met our friends, cooked some steaks on the grill, played some cards and off we went to head home. Coming out of their driveway, I always admired this barn. I had hubby snap a photo!

It looks like a postcard!! Someday I will paint this scene!! I love it!!
I hope you enjoyed our weekend away, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend this week too!


  1. What great photos Bead!!! You found the peak season where you were! We haven't gotten it around here yet. I'm sorry you couldn't fully enjoy it with that migraine though. :-( It's no fun being surrounded by beauty and good friends and not feeling well...Tell your hubby I liked the color he found too...and the barn photo! :-)

  2. Thanks my friend for reading it. I am afraid I'm not nearly as interesting as you! LOL Didn't have too many that read it yesterday. That barn photo is great, isn't it? I love it! I will tell hubby what you said too! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures, Cindy! The colours are so pretty and that red tree!!! Love it! :)

  4. I appreciate your nice comment about my pictures! That means a lot coming from a professional photographer!! Thanks Mariann! I love to shoot photos!!

  5. These are AWESOME! LOVE that barn!!

  6. Thanks so much Kerri! I keep thinking I should crop that barn photo! I love it! I admire it every time I see it! Just had to have a pic.


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