Thursday, October 28, 2010

High Winds Equals Bad Hair!

You've heard the term "bad hair day" and probably even had them a time or two! I know I have them about every other day it seems!! LOL Well the last couple of days have definitely been "bad hair days!" The wind has been so strong that when I went down to the beach, not only did my car get sand whipped, but if I had been out in it, my face and hair would have been too! So I stayed in the car and watched others get it! Hee Hee! I also watched a girl who was going surfing try to walk to the waters edge with her surfboard! What a sight! The wind kept grabbing her surfboard and she would go flying down the beach. She was laughing so hard she just had to sit and gain her composure! I couldn't stay around to see if she ever got in the water or I wouldn't have had any paint left on my car! But in the meantime, I did get some great shots! The first ones are from earlier in the morning on Tuesday.

As you can see, the waves aren't much yet, but still awesome nonetheless!

My friends told me to take one of the lighthouse with the light on. Steady hand caught it! My hubby and I walk the pier on a regular basis when the weather is nice! Oh, I'm so glad I'm not out there!!

Here we were driving back to the beach towards noon. Look at those cloud formations!! Ominous, indeed!! No....I wasn't snapping this!! My friend took it as well as this next one!

This is driving over the bridge between Spring Lake and Grand Haven. That's the Grand River down there. But look at those clouds! Now we're hoping to see water spouts on the big lake. But this is what we saw!

Isn't this just gorgeous? As you can see the winds are really starting to build now! I love the clouds in the background!!

Don't you just love the beautiful color of the water? And the cloud formations once again are great!!

We left and decided to come back after the sun came out! WOW!! Aren't these fabulous??
But first look at the sand blowing across the road!

Pictures don't do it justice! But this poor guy got stuck and here he is after the tow truck pulled him out! No wonder they closed the beach yesterday!!

So here are the last of the photos when the sun was shining! Gorgeous!!

I hope you enjoyed your tour! I only wish I could have gotten some yesterday! The waves were even bigger! But the turbulence we did see on Tuesday just reminds me of the power our God possesses! And to think that Jesus told the seas to "hush, be quiet" and they obeyed! WOW!
Today we're looking at windy (not as windy) weather and rain!! How's the weather where you are?


  1. WOW Bead!!! Did you guys have the remnants of the mid-west's tornado weather, or what?!! It really looked like it was trying to cook up something!! :-] What great shots you got! I love the one with the lighthouse, and the clouds when the sun finally came out! Good post my friend!! :-)

  2. Thank you Wug!! I enjoy taking photos! It was actually a strong cold front that was pushing in. It's cold here today. Highs in the 40's!! Hope you don't get it too!

  3. The sun is just peeking out from behind the clouds this morning beginning to light up the stained glass beautifully. The temp is headed into the 80's today with a light breeze. That's our weather here; a bit warm for this time of year. Your "highs in the 40's!!" is a memory for us when we lived a bit south of Buffalo. I think we'll keep it as a memory! LOL! Great pics and a great day to you there!

  4. Sounds like a great day Glass!! I can see why you want to keep your weather! This is just a preview of things to come!

  5. Haha Cindy, so I gather that now you have a matte car instead of shiny from all the sand wind? LOL
    Gorgeous waves indeed!
    We have a gloomy, misty, no rain day. Refusing to look outside ;)

  6. Fortunately Mariann, I didn't stay there long enough (they say 1/2 hour would do it) to take the finish off! Hubby wouldn't be happy if I did! LOL Sorry it's gloomy where you are today. It's gloomy here too! Thanks for your comment!

  7. Great pics Cindy! Wish I would have gotten out of the car to take some myself, but camera isn't that great and I was shaking in the car, can't imagine what my pictures would have been like if I a blurred mess, that's for sure! I loved seeing how beautiful the waves were crashing onto the pier and the sky was amazing too, but I think I've had enough of the wind now and so has my Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks so much Carla!! I love taking pictures!

    I appreciate that Melissa! Too bad you didn't make it down there! I think my hair has had enough too! Thanks for your comment!


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