Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Color Tour/ Weekend Away----Part 2

Here is part 2 in a series of 3! On Saturday we had a plan. First off (after breakfast, of course), we went downtown Traverse City and looked into the stores (including a great little bead store where I purchased a few items). From there we went to an old Mental Health facility that had been converted into shops! You HAVE to see this place.....awesome!!! I toured it as a teenager as part of my Psychology class when it was still a facility. I'd forgotten how awesome the buildings were.

This is only a PART of what the facility looks like! They are huge and all interconnected.

There are a lot of the buildings that are vacant and haven't been restored yet. But inside, there are restaurants, shops and offices. A lot of empty spaces yet, but they're working on it.

This is one of the outside buildings. It's a Cheesecake shop!! Yummy! I should have zoomed in on this one or cropped it before I put it here.

Another building outside is this one! Called "Left Foot Winery." It's a tasting room! We really liked their wine and bought a bottle! From there we were in the mood.......On to more wine tasting!!
So from there we went up the arm of the Mission peninsula with our map and we went to the wine tasting spots along the way. Here's some photos of a couple of the stops we made.

This was a good winery...not the best, but we enjoyed it! Notice the lines of grapevines in this next photo.

I should have erased our taillight from the photo! (Tee hee!) And then we have a luscious bunch of grapes used to make white wine. Not sure which kind.

After our last stop at a winery, we went down on the lake side and stopped at a brewery to have something to drink and an appetizer. It was called the Jolly Pumpkin! Cute, huh?

While we were there the "game," Michigan State and U of M started! Hubby's eyes were glued!
But we did leave after we ate, and pulling out of the driveway, this was the scene.

Gorgeous, huh?! Not nearly as gorgeous as the photos I'll show you in part 3! We went down the arm and Phil let me stop at a bead store that I've never been to before. He said "Take your time...I'll stay in the car and listen to the game!" So....I took my time! All together including both bead stores, here is my stash!

Maybe it doesn't look like much to you, but I'm thrilled!! Can't wait to "play" with it! Time...if only there was more time....
That is the end of part 2. Part 3 will come maybe tomorrow, you never know! Stay tuned!


  1. How cool!!! I love the architecture of those old renovated mental health facility buildings!...What does that say about me?! NOTHING! Why? what have you heard?! LOL...Wine, grapevines and beads. Seems like it ought to be accompanied with music! ^_^ I love this post cin! Can't wait for part 3!!!

  2. I'm glad you liked this Wug! Thanks for your comment too. I think music would be good to add to a post dealing with wine, grapevines and beads! LOL


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