Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goals I Hope To Meet By 12/31/10 ...... or Goals?

(These are some new earrings I haven't listed yet.)

Everyone has goals, am I right? We set them so that we always have something to strive for. Children set them academically, workers set them hoping for a better job or more pay, housewives set them when trying to take care of the families needs. And I set them!! I have a few goals that I hope to meet (as far as my shop is concerned) before the end of the year. Obviously I have other goals too, but I will list those at a future time. This post will focus on shop goals. Here goes! I'll tell you mine, and I hope you tell my yours too!

1. To get my shop looking more attractive. I'm already working on a new banner.
2. To bring my sales to 200. That may be far-fetched, but I only need 21 more!
3. To only renew items that have proven to be interesting to people. Some of the things in my shop have been there a LONG time... since I opened my shop! Can't keep them forever!! Styles change! It may be time for a makeover!
Here is an example:

This is one of the first necklaces I made. I thought it was awesome, but obviously no one else does. I still have it and renewed it already 2 times. Too costly to keep renewing it.
4. Not to cry when I DO have to tear something apart and re-make it! I want things to be appealing.
5. To blog more. I need people to be interested not just in my shop, but in what I have to say. I hope to add some interviews and shop promos, etc. (this may be a longer term goal, LOL) Could be helpful.
6. To be more considerate on Facebook and Twitter. I mean to be sure not just to promote me, but to promote others as well. AND to retweet more often!! THAT is so important!!
7. To link many more shops to my blog! That will help you AND me!! Here is where I need YOUR help! Please include your shop URLs with your comments if you would like a link to your shop from my blog!
8. To comment more on other's blogs! I enjoy reading them, but I don't always comment! Sorry! This is a shop help as well!
9. To include my friends and those that have included me in their treasuries in any treasuries I make.
10. To have more sales! Don't ya just love a sale?
11. To have a giveaway! Yes, I said a giveaway!!
12. To smile more! :) We all need to smile!

Well, my list may be a bit far-fetched, but I really do want to do this! It's time for improvement!!
Now....don't be shy!! Share yours too, and don't forget your URLs if you want to be listed!


  1. Love the earrings you have pictured! I hope you meet all of your goals!

  2. Thank you Susan! I really need to list those earrings! And I hope I meet my goals least by the end of next year! LOL

  3. What a great idea Cin, to write down the goals you want to work toward! And first things first, YES! Please add my URL to your blog! ;-)
    I'm with you on your number one goal. I need to get my shop looking more attractive too..i.e., PHOTOS!! I really need to redo some of the older photos...I also love your idea about the giveaways. I've been working on that too, but I'm going to start including things from my shop that I've had for a while. Hubby says I need to give up on some things. :-/...I'm not too much for setting number goals for myself. With my little shop it would be setting myself up for disappointment. So, I have a goal of doing the best I can to let people know how much I love what I do, and to be happy with whatever success I achieve with it. Hopefully it will be a matter of 'building a HAPPIER mouse trap and letting the world be a path to my door'!! :-)) Thanks for the thought-provoking, positive post Bead!

  4. Thanks so much Wug my friend!! I already have your URL in my blog, LOL. I'm going to make it stand out a bit better though. I only wish more people would stop by and comment too. You have great goals too. My spiritual goals do have to take first place, that's why I had to say ...or goals! LOL

  5. I think those are some great goals!!

  6. Thank you Kerri! I appreciate the input. I have a feeling I won't meet them till next year though. LOL


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