Monday, November 15, 2010

Crazy Busy Weekend

I really did have a crazy busy weekend! I wanted some time to create, but didn't find any time until yesterday. Friday I babysat all day for my granddaughter (my little sweetheart) and after school, my grandson (little cutie)! They left in the early evening, so no time then.

On Saturday we had a Special Assembly Day in Holt that was the entire day. No time then. I went to bed early Saturday night so on Sunday I felt rested and raring to go. But my creative juices were a bit dried up. I made a bracelet.....the focal bead was too heavy and it kept spinning around. No good!! Decided it would be a better necklace. I got a beaded necklace all done and hated it!! So I took it apart again and made the one you see in the top photo. I like it! I love simple!!

From there I made these two pairs of earrings:

I didn't stop with just the earrings though. A few days before I started to make a new purse charm/dangle and I decided to finish it. This is how it turned out:

I'm not so sure of the appeal, but it's small and I love the chocolate caramel feel to it! I went to get the photos and decided the only thing missing was a bracelet. Oh no....not another disaster piece!! Well, I'm not sure of the appeal of this one, but I love the blue.

The variations in the blue crazy lace, I think, are awesome! Even the nuggets are blue crazy lace!! I know, another simple design. Yep, that's me! Simple!! So I got my photos, and by then I was tired, so I stopped there. I guess I did get something done, didn't I? But I never did get my dusting done (oh, how I hate that job!)!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Personally, I like simple designs! These are FABULOUS!!!! That blue bracelet is awesome and I LOVE the top necklace!!

  2. Thanks so much Kerri! I love simple myself. I'm so glad you like the bracelet! I wasn't sure about it, but I know I like it! I appreciate your comment!

  3. Simple?!...Whatever!! They're beautiful!!! I love the blue crazy lace and both pair of earrings the best. You already know my feelings for those little pieces of smiling sunshine you call purse/zipper pulls!! ^_^

  4. Thanks Wug!! I'm so glad you love the crazy lace! And the earrings too! And yes, I do know how much you love the purse dangles!! Thanks for your comment!


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