Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time to get started

I guess its time to really start my blog. I've been working hard lately on trying to get my website, off the ground. It takes more work than I ever imagined. But my son who owns a graphic design business ( has been a HUGE help. Now I just need to sell something so it won't feel like my time has been wasted.
Then there's my etsy store! ~~ I never realized how much promoting was necessary to make a go of it. I'm tired. But today I made my second sale!! Woo hoo!!! It IS paying off. So I guess, just keep at it. It's a slow time right now, but it'll pick up, I'm sure. Got to stay positive.


  1. Best wishes with you shop... and the earrings here a gorgeous! :o)

  2. Nice start on your new blog!!! Picture is very clear - lovely earrings. Blessings to you. CRSisters

  3. We found this site (FREE) to be very helpful in setting up a blog:



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