Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Is Everything Breaking Down At Once?

I'm going to complain today on "Wordless Wednesday," cuz that's what I do best...according to hubby! LOL We seem to be in the midst of a breakdown at our house! A couple of weeks ago I went to thaw something in my microwave and it would come on, but it would not defrost, warm....nothing!! Dead!! Just like that!! How can that happen?? It's only about 10 - 12 years old! LOL Well as you can imagine, that meant a trip to Lowes! I love to go to Lowes when it means I can buy something! LOL But before we went, hubby, as usual, had to do his research to find which is the best rated model so we could get another good one. So we looked at all the models they had available that were on his list, but he couldn't find the one he wanted. I started wandering around the store and found the one in the back! Unfortunately it was the only one they had left and it was black. We have white in our kitchen, and if I was going to change, I don't think it would be black! So we found a similar one next to it in white and ended up buying that one. The funny thing is, it was less money than the one we bought 10 - 12 years earlier! Go figure!

This is my new "baby!!" She's cute, isn't she?! Does what I need it to do for sure.

You would think that would be enough, but nooooooo! I was doing laundry last Friday and was waiting for my first load to finish. I went down and checked on it and it didn't rinse and spin the last time. It quit!! I was able to get it to work, but every load after that I had to manually make it rinse and spin. Soooooooo, I told hubby it was time to get a new washer and dryer. So, again, he did his research and said that Home Depot had the ones he felt were the best. Off we went! We found what we wanted, and on sale too! But he wanted to check Lowes first. Off to Lowes! The guy asked us how old our old ones were and we had to stop and think. I said I think the dryer is 24 years old and washer is 22! He started laughing! "You're kidding me", he said! "They never last that long!! What kind did you have?" Well, we told him they were Kenmore and he said, "yes, they were good products back then." Still are in my opinion.

They didn't have what we wanted, to back to Home Depot. We bought front loaders in white, cuz they're in the basement and no one sees them anyway. But they didn't match since "Irene" made their deliveries slow or non existent! Couldn't get the dryer. So we went with a smaller less expensive one which doesn't match completely but, oh well.
I'll post some photos later. I'll also have to tell you about our tree episode! But I think I've bored you enough.

I started with a photo of one of my newest creations and so let me leave you with a photo of one of my newest creations:

What do you think?

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Oooooo! Your new 'baby'(microwave)is adorable!!! I'm glad you didn't get the black. The white looks so clean and inviting...just waiting to heat up all those cups of coffee to get you going in the morning!! ^_^ And hey!! Where's the photos of the new washer and dryer?! O_0 I can't wait to see the other new 'babies'!! Your household is growing pretty fast!!...Are you giving birth to a new tree too?!! ^_^ By the way, your jewelry 'babies' are beautiful too!

  2. Thanks Wug! I don't have photos of my new washing machine and dryer "babies" yet, because I have to wait until Sept. 16th for delivery!! "Irene" is the culprit! Oh well, I'll get them soon enough!
    No new trees. The power company wouldn't be happy with us. We have one in the backyard we have to move too. Where??? Good question!
    Thanks for the nice comment on my jewelry "babies" too. I appreciate it.

  3. Ohhhh! I'll just hav to wait then! :-)

  4. I don't know why everything seems to go at once!!
    I have the same washer and dryer you do, have had them FOREVER - crossing my fingers!! My new purchase this payday is going to be a vacuume... how exciting!!

  5. I hope yours don't break down Michele! I was disappointed my washer is on the fritz. Actually the dryer still works fine. But if we're buying new, we decided to buy them both. Vacuums are a necessity for sure. But I'm with you...I hate to spend money on them.

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  7. I like the bracelet a lot!

    I think we have the same washer and dryer. We got 2 years ago from a couple that had just gotten new ones.


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