Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's been awhile since I've blogged and as my life goes, there's not much of interest to share. I've been sticking around quite a bit the last couple of days due to the fact that I've been a bit dizzy and feel like I could black out. (I love the header photo by aRT4bAREwALLS on Etsy! In fact, she has so many cute things, that I had to favorite her shop!! Check it out!) Anyway....I think it's been a virus!
That didn't keep me from being busy though. I babysat on Monday, but still found the time to photograph some of my new items! Here are a few of them for a sneak preview. Let me know what you think and if there is any interest please.


The main dangle beads are natural turquoise! I loved the beads!

I'm not sure what kind of a gem stone these are, but I had to pay for them by the gram!

I love the crackle glass!

Same gemstone in antique silver.

Now for the bracelets:

I may have already shown you this one. But I love the Swarovski crystals in it! And the green!!

Recognize this one??'s purple this time!!

This one may get a re-make before I list it. Hubby thinks it's a bit blah.

And this one......oh, the photos do NOT do it just beautiful! Plain and simple, but gorgeous!

Bored yet? Probably! But I'm still going to show you more! LOL

Now, on to the necklaces:

Did I show you this one yet?? Sorry, if I did! I love the colors!

Here's the sister one in brown! I really love this one!

You need to really appreciate this one! I had to re-do the photos 3 times! This one is a bear to photograph! I would appreciate any suggestions here. There's something about photographing pearls! The main bead is a blue quartz. Isn't it pretty?

This one is really pretty on!

Now we have 1 new purse charm:

Handmade lampwork beads (not made by me) make up the main part of this one. I listed the other one yesterday.

And last, but not least......this is the way I feel some days! LOL Just for kids! (or big kids too!)

What a tweetie!

Well, I smell someone cooking bacon in our neighborhood! I'm hungry, so off for breakfast! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Good Morning Cindy, I just love the dizzy cat, so cute! Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Hope it goes away soon. Loved everything. Your creative juices sure have been flowing. :) Have a fabulous day! HUGS..Peg

  2. Thanks Peg!! I do feel better today. No more feeling like I'm going to pass out! LOL
    Thanks for your nice comments on my creations too. I'm just not motivated right now to list things. Hopefully I'll get my groove back soon.
    Have a fabulous day yourself!

  3. WOW!!! There's not a bad piece in the bunch!! Of course my favorite is the bracelet with the green. :-)But I could see me wearing every single piece with different outfits of mine! Good job Cin!!...Sorry about the passing out thing though. O_0 That stinks!...Let's hope it is just a virus and you're not pregnant!! *gulp!* LOL

  4. Thanks Wug! I knew you'd like the green bracelet since you like green so much!
    I think I have a virus. I'm not pregnant!!! WAY too old for that!! LOL

  5. Hope you're feeling better now.
    Lovely pieces.
    Thanks for your visit.


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