Monday, July 18, 2011

How Was Your Weekend?

Good question? How was your weekend? Mine was full!! We had out of state company, so it was like one big party everyday! Thank goodness my mother in law has a pool. It was so hot! One good thing we did, is have a jewelry show (my jewelry) on Friday night! WOW! I did awesome!

You may recognize this bracelet because it's in my shop. But Friday morning I made another one using antique brass components. I didn't get a chance to photograph it because it was one of the pieces I sold on Friday night!

These are a pair of earrings that have not been listed yet. But they do follow the turquoise theme, don't they!

And lastly, this is new. Not listed yet, but I think it's a pretty purse dangle, don't you?
I also got a great haircut this weekend. I've been growing my hair out since December, trying to even up the layers. This weekend I had it cleaned up and shaped. I'm so happy with it!!

So that was my weekend. What did you do?


  1. YAY! It went well!! I wondered about that. Did you sell a lot?!...And are we gonna see photos of the new hair-cut?! :-) I'm glad you had a good weekend too! Now if only we can get the mid-week to act like it's a weekend! LOL


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