Monday, June 6, 2011

What Do You Think?

I'm doing a bit of showing off this morning. As some of you know, my husband P. and I celebrated our 39th anniversary last week. Now we don't usually buy gifts for each other, but we do, some years, buy something we both would love to have and is needed for our home. This year was no exception and I just had to show off the new things we bought.

First off, we bought 2 end tables for our living room which, unfortunately, we had to order and so we won't have them for a couple more weeks. So we have no photos of them....yet!

Then we were in need of a floor lamp. Now I love conversation pieces and unusual things. When I saw this one, I felt we found it. P. agreed and so it is now a part of our home!

Don't you just love it?? It was the style that caught my attention. And, by the way, yes....that is my love seat! Hopefully after we save a bit more money, we'll be replacing those too. They're about 20 years old, so it's probably about time.

We had been looking to replace our dining room outfit for some time. The old one was round and had chairs with wheels that flew all over the place. But it took up a lot of space in my small dining area, and so we felt this was a better choice for that area. We had 2 options that we had been interested in, from 2 different stores! When we decided, we had to wait till Tues. to buy it! I called ahead and the found out that the bench had been sold! Bummer!! BUT....they had another in the warehouse! Yay!! I love the black and wood combination!

So that was our shopping spree and we finally have space in our dining area. And yes, the bar stools will either have to be painted, or we'll have to buy new. What do you think? Would they look alright painted black?

Thanks for looking today and have a wonderful one!


  1. I love the lamp...and I love the new dining room table!!! {And if you paint the bar stool chairs black they should match perfectly!!} I'm kinda sorta in love with your love seats too. Do they have to go?! They match your lamp so nicely!...We're still looking around for a dining room table. I want a glass topped one...After the washing machine comes we'll focus more on that. No hurry...I can't wait to see those end tables now!! :-)

  2. Thanks Deb! Actually the couch and loveseat look okay. So we're not in any hurry to replace them. I need a new washer & dryer first myself. I hope you find the dining room table you're looking for too! And thanks for the comment on the bar stools. We've been tossing that one around a lot!

  3. I love the black & wood combo.
    I sent you an email, hope you get it this time.

  4. Thanks Priscila!! I did get your email and responded too!


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