Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fond Memories Of My Grandparents

A while back my cousin friended me on FB and sent me these photos of our grandparents. They brought back a lot of memories for me and I thought I'd briefly share a few (I don't want to bore you! LOL)

My grandmother (my Dad's mother) raised 11 children, my Dad being the oldest. She was a multi-talented woman, as you can see by the above photo on the piano bench, and a few of my aunts became very good at it as well. One of them taught my brother and I how to play the piano (I don't remember any of it).

Some of my fondest memories was the old house they lived in down the street from us. It was huge! It had a massive wrap around porch full of stuffed animals (my grandfather did taxidermy on the side). Scared me to death! But I loved going down there.

Anyway, my grandfather, whom I loved very dearly, was a true watchmaker! He could make a watch from anything. He's sitting at his bench in the above photo. He taught my Dad his trade, and my Dad taught 2 of my brothers the trade as well!
He was very special to me and it was sad to lose him at such a young age. He died in his sleep when I was around 7 or 8. He loved animals. He had a shed in the backyard with a tree growing out of it for his pet squirrels. Those squirrels were so tame, that my grandpa would put peanuts in his shirt pocket and they would sit on his shoulder and eat them out of his pocket! It amazed me!! The reason for the stuffed animals on the porch.....he loved animals and loved to look at them. My dad would say that he could walk in the woods and deer would walk up to him and eat out of his hand! He never saw anything like it!

I don't want to bore you with my history, but I wanted to share these priceless photos!

What do you know and remember about your grandparents?


  1. Oh Bead!! These are wonderful photos! And what great memories to have! Taxidermy! WOW! And watch-making! Their house was making all kinds of 'time'...including time to the piano music!! :-) How nice!...My grandparents, on my mom's side, were farmers through and through. I remember canning peaches and blackberries, boiling white sheets in lye soap(that she made herself) in a black pot in the yard, feeding chickens and collecting their eggs, slopping the hogs and cutting wood for the wood stoves they had. No electricity! I hated it as a child! :-)) Now I have an appreciation for all of the wonderful things this kind of life taught me. Sure wish I had learned to play the piano or guitar though! :-))

  2. Deb it sounds like you have a lot of fond memories as well! My grandparents on my Mom's side were farmers also. I remember walking behind the tractor barefoot and picking up potatoes and putting them in potato sacks as my grandpa (whom I was very fond of) would till them up! I loved that time in my life!
    Thanks for your nice comment!

  3. I love those old photos! There's always a story behind every one. Thanks for sharing the memories.


  4. I love old photos too Lisa! And you're right about all the fond memories behind them. Thank you for your nice comment! :)

  5. Wonderful photos. My grandmother will be 100 this January, and I love looking at pictures of her when she was younger.

  6. It's priceless to have all those old photos isn't it James?! Thank you for your nice comment and I can't believe your grandmother will be 100! Wow!

  7. Watchmaker? Wow! That is cool. Nice photos.

    Cindy, please let me know when you get the Coach case. I just want to make sure you get it, cause I don't have tracking number for it... my hubby was the one who shipped it...

    Happy Friday!


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