Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Advice Anyone??

As some of you know, I recently added the above bracelet to my Etsy shop. Well I guess I'm a bit surprised that I still have it since so many people raved about it. It makes me second guess myself and my jewelry.
But it hasn't stopped me from making another. This time in blue!

What do you think? Do you like it in blue? I have some purple/pink ones to make up too!
So I guess the advice I need, since I haven't sold the green one, is...is it the color? Is it the price? I have $25.00 on the first one and it will be the same for this one. Is it too much?? Too cheap??? What is it????

I'm in the process of making a custom order with green flowers in a bracelet with a figure skater charm, and a necklace with a charm. I think it will be very pretty!

I would appreciate any input anyone has. What can I do to make my shop more appealing?
Thanks ahead of time!


  1. I like it in both colors! And I'm not gonna even 'try' to answer a pricing question! I can't figure that out myself!!

  2. Thanks Wug! I know. The pricing thing is always a mystery to me. Thanks for your input!


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