Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What?? Am I Really THAT Old??

The other day in The Wug's Backyard Blogspot, she was writing about antiques and collectibles and asked what we collected. Well in my response I told her that I collected salt and pepper shakers when I was a little girl and that my grandmother had given me a set of Tobys. That led to "what are Tobys?" And so today I thought I'd share a few photos of my Tobys, and a few of my salt and pepper shaker collection.
While rummaging through, I also found a set of English cottage ware that was my Mothers. Forgot I had those! But another thing I found was an old doll that was part of a doll collection I had as a little girl, most of which got left in a trunk in the attic of a house we moved away from. That doll is the one in the first photo. It's a British guard. That doll reminded me that I'm not as young as I used to be! LOL That doll must be 50 years old!! Imagine that! Let's not talk about it, okay? Now I'll show you my Tobys:

First of all, I have a teapot and cream pitcher. There's a reason why these are in a box! LOL

Notice the handle on the cream pitcher. Evidently it's rare to see them with a gun handle.

The one on the far left is a sugar bowl. The middle is one of a set of salt and pepper shakers as is the woman on the end. In fact, let me show you the set with the woman:

I actually think they're kind of cute, don't you? Now on to my salt and pepper shaker collection. I actually have about 35 sets, so I picked out some favorites to share.

I forgot how old these were till I took the newspaper of them and the paper crumble! Ha ha!! This last one has always filled my house with laughter! Unfortunately, I broke one a LONG time ago, but you'll see by the photos why this was such a conversation piece!

Isn't she sweet? You take the bow off to fill it! But wait you say.........where are the holes?

Align got it!! Conversation piece for sure!!!
This just skims the surface of my collection, but I hope you all enjoyed the tour.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!


  1. These are so cool Cindy!! Thanks for sharing some of your collection! And the last one. . . definitely a convo starter! lol

  2. Thanks so much Cathy!! I was hoping it wasn't going to bore anyone! But there are a LOT of memories tied up here!

  3. Haha this was fun and I am not only talking about the cat! LOL Is it a cat? I'm not sure :D

  4. Thanks Mariann! I was a weird kid, wasn't I?! LOL

  5. Ha! Ha! I'm still giggling about the 'salty-bootied kitty'. I'm hearing the music to KC and the Sunshine band's song 'shake your booty' in my head right now!! LOL And now I know what a Toby is! But where did that name come from. Hmmm....I guess I have to 'Google it'!! ^_^ By the way, I think your collection may be some valuable 'booty'!!! Ha! Ha!

  6. That cat always got a LOT of laughs Deb!! Glad it gave you a chuckle too! Thanks for your nice comment and yes, you DO know what a Toby is now. And you're probably right...there may be a couple of things that have some value here.

  7. Hello! Love your Toby mugs. My step father had a large collection of them. They are really neat! The cats are so cute and I love the doll!


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