Friday, February 18, 2011

Where Did The Week Go?

Doesn't it seem that sometimes the weeks fly by and you sit back and wonder if you accomplished anything worthwhile? I feel that way at times, especially weeks like this one, when I'm sick. I just don't feel like doing anything worthwhile! But yesterday, I did accomplish a few things. I took over 100 photos of all my necklaces hanging on my necklace form. There's a sample at the top of the page! Actually that one I haven't listed yet, so I guess you could say that it's a teaser! LOL

I also want to say thank you, to my wonderful hubby who has taken such good care of me the last couple of days. He's made dinner, did the dishes and doted on me. What more could a girl ask for!! Today I hope I can clean the house a bit and do some laundry since I feel a bit better. It's the coughing that drives me crazy.

Have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend too! Sorry to bore you this morning!


  1. Ooooo! It's a beautiful teaser too!! :-) Another one that's going to 'fly' out of your shop just as fast as the time has flown!...Tell hubby: "Well done, good and faithful slave!" LOL He'll know what I mean...I hope! ^_^ Keep taking it slow now! I hear that this flu/whatever this thing is can take a U-turn and come back around for another trip!! YOU REST!!!

  2. Thanks Wug my friend! I wish some of my jewelry WOULD fly out of my shop. But nothings flying at the moment! LOL
    Hubby has been a gem for sure. I feel a bit better today. Just doing a bit of picking up. Tires me out, but at least it looks better around here.
    I appreciate your comments! =D

  3. Hi there!!! The necklace you created is lovely!! It's amazing how much work you got done - taking all those pictures is so time consuming! I am glad to hear that you are on the mend!! Hope you have time relax this weekend!

  4. oh my goodness i read this blog and she reading my mind? I totally understand how you feel. I am always thinking, what did I get done today? And wishing I had accomplished more. I completely understand the not feeling well and wishing you could get more done. That's kinda how I feel daily. Really tired of not feeling well, and tired of not getting the things done you want to. I'm happy to hear hubby steps in to help you out. My fiance used to help me lots, but he is out of town working so I've had to take over the things he used to do for me. I really miss him! LOL.

    I have to say for not feeling well you did get a lot accomplished! The photo's are great :)


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