Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adventures In Blueberry Picking!!

Yep, I went blueberry picking last night despite the fact that it was 87 degrees and extremely humid as you can see from this photo of my temperature reading in my car!

There were 5 of us! Are we crazy???!!!!! When we got there, we not only knew it was hot, but the mosquitoes were atrocious!! So after a LOT of bug spray, we got our buckets and went to the field! Yum! Look how wonderful the berries were!!

As you can see, the bushes were LOADED!! Jackpot!!! Were we happy! And we showed it too, as we sang "Blueberry Hill!" Not good singing, but we sure had fun! After about 1 1/2 hours, we decided enough was enough! Here's how many I picked! :)

Maybe you don't think that this looks like much, but, believe me, it is!!! Now, what am I going to do with all these blueberries???!!! That was the question I was asking myself when I got home! So the first thing this morning I decided I would make a homemade pie!! This is the recipe I used.

Very simple recipe as you can see! So I started with a "homemade" pie crust (thank you Pillsbury!),

....rolled it out and pre-baked it according to directions! Then I finished the filling as listed and viola` a super pie!!

Doesn't it look delicious??? All it needs now is some:

......and it's good to go!! Notice how I cut down on the calories!! Tee hee!!
Next I went to baking Blueberry Muffins! I love these! Here's the recipe I used:

Another simple recipe, but oh so yummy! I followed the instructions as written and ended up with these:

Don't they look delicious??? Believe me, they are! I just couldn't resist!!
Now you may think I have no blueberries left after using so many to make these luscious treats, but look how much was leftover:

What am I going to do now????!!!! Well, I decided to put 3 of the bags in the freezer. The bowl is for munching on, and the last bag??? I'm not sure yet......maybe I'll give it to a dear friend! Anyway, I may have gotten a bit carried away, but the time I spent with my friends picking and singing is priceless!!! ♫♫ "I found my thrill.......on blueberry hill!" ♫♫Oh, and by the way.....the blueberries were priceless too! We got them free!! Bonus!!


  1. What a cute post! Loved the picture journey you took us on, blueberry muffins are some of my FAVE! Yummy! Do you have to do anything special to blueberries (like blanching?) before you freeze? Just curious!

  2. Thanks Loren! Actually you don't have to do anything to them. Just put them in freezer bags and freeze them. You just have to be sure to wash them before you use them. Some people like to wash them first, but if you do, you MUST let them dry good before you freeze them or they'll stick together and end up mushy! They're easier to use when they're loose! I love muffins too!

  3. Oh, Bead!! What a great post!! You all looked like you had so much fun...except for the heat thing, I mean. :-) And no fair showing me pie and muffins without me being able to taste them!!...I guess that's fair though, since I tempted you with all of that chocolate on my blog yesterday! Ha! Ha! Too bad I don't have 'Smell-O-Puter'!!!

  4. Tee hee!! One turn deserves another as they say! We really do need a "Smell-O-Puter"!! Or how about a "Taste-O-Puter!" I would like that one! Your chocolates would have been gone before you had a chance to post them!! Thanks my friend!

  5. SWEET - like literally! :) What a huge bunch of blueberries! That's awesome! Makes me wish I were your neighbor! My favorite is fresh blueberries on top of vanilla bean ice cream. mmmmmm, mmmmmm, good!

    Loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yummy Dawn!! I love fresh blueberries any way you serve them! You're welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed it!



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