Friday, July 30, 2010

My Life Is SO Uninteresting!!

I was sitting here waiting for my floors to dry and decided I needed to take advantage of the time and maybe write something interesting here. Problem is...I'm not very interesting!! Tee Hee! My life is uneventful, my photos are uneventful and so is my jewelry! Want proof????? Well look at this photo:

These are the ONLY earrings I haven't listed yet. You want to know why??? BORING!!!
If you really want interesting as well as entertaining, take a look at this photo:

Now THIS could make life a bit more interesting!! Tee Hee!! Or maybe this:

May have to be a two-fer!!! Even adults need a good spanking from time to time:

Ha ha ha!! Makes me laugh out loud!!
But THIS one is the best, I think:

Isn't this a riot???? Could happen, you know!! Better hang on to your butt!!
So what's so funny about these? I don't really know! My son sent these to me once, and I had to keep them. Hopefully I haven't posted them wrongfully. I think he found them in his clip art. But I love them!! Makes me feel about you??

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