Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Great Giveaway!! Still Time To Enter!

I just learned of a great bead giveaway that is going on now and will end on the 26th of June!! You need to get in on this if you love beads!! It's a $350.00 bead giveaway! Either for 1 or for 6! You have to vote! I voted for 6!!


  1. What an extraordinary giveaway!!! Thanks so much for linking us to it! I'm already in!!! Just posted a link on my blog too! :-))

  2. Love it! I wonder if she realizes how many people are blogging her giveaway? I have it on my blog too. And you also. And I've seen it on at least 7 others that I can think of. What a great supportive artistic community! I just love that everyone has spread the news on this. Not one person said...Oh..not going to spread the news that way my chances will be better of winning...nope..everyone just shouted it to all of their friends and to their friends and their friends.



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