Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some New, Some Old

I decided to let you all in on a sneak preview of some new items, but also to let you look at some older items that I haven't promoted for awhile. I hope I'm not boring you, but I know that if I wrote about my life.....THAT would be boring!! So take a peek and see what you think...please?

These first 2 necklaces are older. Maybe they're new to you. I have them on my website, so I invite you to click on the links and take a look!

This one is Snaky Pete. There's a snake design on the bead!

This one is simply a Lemon/Lime Agate necklace. I love the color!

This is a Kambaba bracelet. I also have this on my website:

This one is a fairly new bracelet! I love the rainbow of colors in it! It's only in my web store:

These I call my "For The Birds" Earrings:

These are my Mexican Drum Earrings:

A Star Is Born Purse/Zipper pull! Also not new...but not old either!!

AND NOW.......(drum rolling!)......HERE ARE THE NEW!! NOT LISTED YET EITHER!!

This is a great new purse pull! I love the Dumortierite bead!! I will list it soon on Etsy!

And this is my newest bracelet! Don't you just LOVE the colorful beads?? I sure do! I will be listing this beauty soon on Etsy also! So stay tuned!!

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  1. You've been holding out on us!! These are gorgeous!...I almost clicked and took the Dumortierite bead when you listed it on Facebook earlier!...CONTROL!!! LOL


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