Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Adore Spring!!

I love a beautiful spring day when the early flowers are in bloom and the bushes and trees are all shouting Yay!! Here are a few photos of some of the beauty I've seen in my own yard in the last week! I'm including even a couple of other surprise beauties as well!!

This is a double daffodil! I love them! Wish I had a few more singles though!

This is a gorgeous purple hyacinth! To think I got these bulbs free!! So pretty!

These are the blooms of a flowering quince bush! They really brighten things up in the spring. But be careful of the thorns!! Quince has thorns!

This is my pride and joy!! They are the blooms on my weeping Cherry tree in my front yard! I love to see it bloom!!

And here we have a common tulip! Just south of here, Holland, MI, we have a tulip festival every year. They grow the most beautiful tulips you ever saw!

And here's my grandson Jonah, enjoying a smell of the tulip! Unfortunately, tulips don't have a smell!!

And last but certainly not least, here is my sweet little granddaughter Haley, enjoying the outdoors on this beautiful spring day!
Please enjoy the spring! It only happens once a year!!


  1. Beautiful FLOWERS and the blooms from your "children" tree look pretty good too!!! :-))

  2. Hello Miss Cindy, Beautiful photos. I love Spring, it's one of my favorite seasons, just doesn't stick around long enough. Great blog BTW.

  3. Awww, Cindy your post put such a smile on my face! I too love spring flowers. The tulips & daffodils are so wonderful when they bloom. Finally a pop of color after our midwest winters!

    Thanks for sharing! Your grandchildren are adorable! Have a beautiful spring day!



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