Monday, March 29, 2010

Guess Who!

This is my grandson Jonah! He's wearing his Uncle "Fox's" hat! A nickname he gave him a long time ago! The glasses are for fun too! There's no glass in them!

And this is our little granddaughter Haley! She's sitting in a tent and her hair (what little there is) is standing on end! Isn't she a cutie pie!!

I wanted to post some photos of my grandkids that I watch every other Friday. Love these kids!!

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  1. What beautiful grandchildren Cindy! Your granddaughter looks just precious! I could just kiss that adorable face all over! :) I'm sure they give you lots of joy and perhaps some inspiration too. ;)

    Thanks so much for following my jewelry blog! Look forward to continuing the friendship & the fun!

    Have a TERRIFIC week!


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