Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air and because of that I'm going through a bit of spring fever. It's causing me to have a creative block and because of that, I have not created anything new for a bit now. What I have done is re-make a few oldies! Some things really did need a makeover! I still have a few others that could use it too. Here are a few examples: (sorry I don't have all the"before" photos!)

This was just a "plain jane" before I re-made it. It was just the top beads threaded on a bead bar. It didn't have much appeal, but I think it just might now!!

Here we have a "before" picture. Another "plain jane!"

This is what it now looks like!! I REALLY like this one! I hope you do too!

These are some great little earrings! They were cute before, but now they are adorable!!
And lastly, below, are a pair of cute earrings that are so much cuter re-made, I can't believe I still have them!! These are only found in my web store:


  1. Love the remakes, hope they fly out of your shop! xox-Loren

  2. Beautiful as always! I don't know which I like best. Isn't jewelry making great ~ you can always rework it into something new!


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