Friday, December 30, 2011

I've Had The Blah's!

For the last few days I'v"e been beating off the blahs.  Ever get them?  I felt like something was trying to take over my body and I was refusing to let it happen!!  Well, as it turns out, and it usually does, I was experiencing "change in weather" symptoms.  My hubby was sick for such a long time...I think I'm paranoid!!!
Well, I was bored and made a few pairs of earrings.  This is just a preview of one of those pairs.  You'll see the rest when I list them.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend too!!

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  1. Awww! I'm sorry you've been having the 'Blahs', Bead. Yeah, I've had them at times. My antidote is sleep! The worse I feel, the better a nap works!! No kidding! Once I wake up from a good nap the world seems much more rosy! :-] I guess you've found your own antidote though, huh?! Making the 'pretties'!...That'll work too! :-))


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