Saturday, September 18, 2010

Something New And Something Exciting!!

So what do I start with. Something new or something exciting! I think I'll tell you about something exciting that will be happening for me and my shop on Monday and Thursday the week of October 4th!! We will be featured on OurKnickkacks blogs, FB and Twitter!! I'm really looking forward to that!! I'll post the links as we get closer to the date!

Now on with the new. Yesterday I was fooling around with wire and made some new earrings. I'm not sure if I'll list them because they are a first attempt and they aren't so good, but I'll show you some photos of how they look and let you decide.

As you can see in this first photo, my loops are a bit lopsided. Okay, well it IS my first attempt!!

I love the way they lay here. I almost like them when I look at this photo! Hmmmm, maybe I'll just keep them for myself! (Slapping my hand!) Hubby says, "Sell them!"
So what do you think? List them or make another pair to list?? What would you do?


  1. I LOVE them!! WAY, WAY CUTE!! I think you should list these and make up some more in other colors too, perhaps purple - HINT, HINT!!

  2. Your "exciting news" is great! They have a lot of followers. That'll be good exposure for your shop. Congrats!!

    Hmmmmm...."Wuglyee"-type wire and "Bead" earrings!!! LOL I think you should tell people how you made them and do what your husband said! From what I hear, people like things that have 'character' sometimes. (Although perfection DOES have it's place!!! ^_^ )

  3. Thank you Michele!! I just may have to make some in purple soon!! I get the hint!

    And yes, Wug! People do love character. You're right! I'll list them maybe at an introductory price since these are far from perfect! LOL Thanks my friend!

  4. Thanks so much Cindy for sharing. How neat and just beautiful. The U.P. has always been such a great place to visit. I am sure glad you and Phil got a chance to get away and enjoy the beauty this time of year gives us. I am looking forward to the next set of pictures. Love Ya. Peg


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