Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Week On Grand Cayman Island

Our week in Grand Cayman was very memorable. Our first view from our deck was this fishing boat in the Caribbean.

The next day we were on the beach and I saw these little birds. I love birds and had to snap this picture!

We were a little scared to drive on the left side of the road! In the US we drive on the right side!

When we got into Georgetown, I snapped a picture of this "taxi." Looks like fun, doesn't it!

Here are the cruise ships that were docked. Very busy in town that day.

Downtown was colorful! Don't you just love a pirate??

Then it was on our way to the other side of the island to Rum Point. There I watched this pelican get it's supper!

From the dock at Rum point, we took a sunset cruise on a catamaran! Isn't it beautiful!!

We passed by a "Blow Hole" and had to get out and snap a photo! It was awesome!

Another day we went to the other side of the island to the tip. Here we were in Hell. Called that because of the lava formations. Awesome!!

What a gorgeous scene outside the restaurant, "Over The Edge Cafe" that we ate at on our last night!

The best thing we did, was go "Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park!" Here I was able to snap a photo of a blue iguana.
The island is known for them! He was yawning!! Awesome!

Walking along we saw this pretty little bird up in a tree.

So many beautiful flowers! I love to take pictures of flowers! Just a sample!

These trees were so beautiful leaning over this stream. I just couldn't resist snapping a photo!

I found these flowers in a frog pond in the gardens!

This was a curious tree. We called it the "dreadlock" tree!

Not too sure of what kind of birds these are, but the pair of them were sitting in a tree on the path of the walk we took. Aren't they pretty?

On the road to our resort we passed this castle everyday. It was some type of bed and breakfast.

On our last night, the moon was beautiful as the sun set. Gorgeous place to visit!!


  1. Oh Cindy!!! The pictures are beautiful! Makes me wish I was there with you...except being in Hell!!! Ha! ha! I thought that was so funny! You go to a beautiul place just to end up in Hell!!!! Love You!

  2. Love the vaca pics! It looks like you had a few days in paradise! I adore white sand beaches, the ocean, and abundant flora and fauna...I'm sure this fed your creative spirit! So happy for you that you got to enjoy this!

  3. You enjoyed a lot..Nice pics looking so cool and It's great time to share your experience with us.


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