Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sneak Preview

I've been sitting here drinking tomato juice and trying to figure out the best name for each of my new purse pulls. I would love some help!! The one above is black Amazonite!! What do you think?

This one is light honey jade as a focal bead. What name should it have? Please HELP!!

And then, what about this one? Carnelian!! Yes, I know....more orange! I love orange, what can I say! Oh, but what to call it!! HELP!!!

And then we have this cute little pull. It's glass beads but I love the "face" in the focal bead. And I love the gold heart in the secondary bead. But, as is true of the others, it doesn't have a name. HELP!


  1. The first one: "Amazonite Amazing Night"; 2.) "A Honey Jaded Memory"; 3.) "Zippy Carnelian Zebra Zipper Pull"; 4.) "The Cute Face Of Love"

    That's my 2 cents! LOL Went with what hit my head right away...Hubby had other choices...You don't want to know!!! Ha! ha!

  2. Very pretty pulls!! Cremesicle on the Carnelian one for sure!!


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