Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainy Days And Thursdays Always Get Me Down!

Arghh! Another rainy day! It's been awhile since we've seen a goodly amount of rain. Since the "BIG" storm! Everything is so dry! Keeps me from going grocery shopping. So, I have nothing else to do but clean house and create! I love the creating part, not the cleaning! So, speaking of creating, I have been very busy this week. I'm showing you some of my latest here.

Cute little orange cat eye earrings! Or:

Hot Pink potato pearl earrings: OR

Olivine and dark gunmetal earrings: OR

Lime green crackle earrings:

Fall leaf pattern purse/zipper pull:

Great new Black edged agate and seed bead bracelet:

Great new Black and crystal purse/zipper pull:

AND.....My very latest! A solid carnelian and seed bead necklace!! This
one's so new, it isn't even listed yet!!!

So now that I've bored you silly......Let me know what you think! I would love some comments!


  1. Thanks so much, Braggin' Rights!! Love this kind of work!

  2. I'm so lovin' your background with the sand dollar and the star fish -- makes me feel like I'm still at the beach!!!

    I love your new work (I have worn my bracelet every day!!!) -- especially the lime green crackle!!!

  3. Thanks, sherry...I'm SO glad you love your bracelet!
    I loved the background too. It went with my avatar....but I sold that necklace and had to make a change. At least now people know what I look like, eh?

  4. Fabulous creations there! It's hard to pick a favourite because I love them all!

  5. wow you have been busy. Very pretty

  6. mmmmmm i LOVE the orange ones
    i like rain and thursdays ... but i do know what you mean. i get down a lot.

  7. Hello, I wanted to leave a comment for you because I've really enjoyed having a nose around your site. You have great pictures and you write really well too.

    Thank you for sharing and best wishes, have a lovely weekend

  8. Nice new! Especially the crackle green earrings and the zipper pull. Rainy days aren't so bad after all!


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